I’ve spoken to many anime lovers that have told me they are the only ones in their family that watches anime. Then I have spoken to others that share their anime experiences with siblings and cousins. I have many family members that watch anime which I am happy about. I wouldn’t know who else to speak to in person about anime. I mean yeah you can communicate with people online, but I feel it’s a different experience when you can speak in person about anime.
Well to begin the people who created me, my mom and dad. Hahah yeah they aren’t hardcore watchers but they have watched a few. First when my dad was alive he was all about Dragon Ball z. We would sit down every week together and watch the new episodes. My mom would watch a few episodes . She always laughed at Vegeta because he was such an angry Saiyan. Hahah

One day my mom stayed home with my niece and I and watched the whole whole attack on Titan series. We really couldn’t stop watching. We needed to know what will happen next. Mind you I’ve already seen the series but I just love that show. My mom also had an interest in Parasyte. The storyline was very interesting to her. My mom just likes Sci-fi shows.

Now the ones who I hardcore talk about anime with is my sister, niece, 2 of my cousins and my grandma on my father side. We are all hardcore anime watchers. My sister finished the whole Naruto series in 3 months. My niece and cousins we speak about all the new anime that is out now. We are always recommending anime to each other. Then when we meet up we all go crazy talking about the series.

Now my grandma she likes her classic anime, she loved cowboy bebop, Bleach, Dragon ball Z and her favorite Ghost in a shell. I mean talking to your grandma about anime who would have known.

So I totally love my family for that.

Does anyone in your family watch anime???


  1. My brothers and I have watched animes such as Ouran High School Host Club, Soul Eater, Noragami, and Gurren Laggan together. My cousins watches more anime than I can name, and my dad watched a lot when he was in high school. It’s pretty nice to have so many people to talk to about it.

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  2. Yep it’s actually great πŸ˜‚ My little brother watches it with me. He’s in 11th grade. He joined me when I was watching Full Metal Alchemist, and then soon he came to like anime a little. We watched TWD together too. πŸ˜‚ My cousin watches Dbz and pokemon. But other than that no one else in my family watches 😟


  3. My brother got into animes and mangas the same year I did. He stopped caring for them though. I think there was a time aroudn 2009-2010 where the market was saturated but the quality of the production got really weak. I have a hard time trying to convince him that it got better and that there are some great animes on Tv lately!

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      1. Haven’t seen this one myself. Looks promising! Was going to tell him to watch Ajin but those last few episodes seemed to be written by the intern. Never saw such a disappointing ending to a great anime. Studios really need to stop adapting mangas that aren’t finished yet.

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  4. Good for you. Just last week, I forced my dad to watch a few episodes of ONE PIECE & also the entire s1 of Attack on Titan. I used to watch anime with him when I was a kid, so his anime stopped somewhere with DBZ & Yu Yu Hakusho. I’ve been trying to introduce him to more recent anime. My uncle also watches anime. My cousin watches too and we both fangirl and we’ve been told that we sound like we’re talking in a completely different language.

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  5. We all watch films like Studio Ghibli or Studio Chizu but it’s mainly me and my brother that watch anime! Sometimes my sister but she only likes a few!

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  6. Outside of one of my cousins I’m the only one in my family that really messes with anime. Me and cousin almost never talk about anime we talk more about women and kicks.

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