Now the past few posts I’ve published have been about this movie Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale. Well I went and saw the movie yesterday. Yayyyy I’m going to be as honest in this review and I’m going to try to not spoil too much. Again, I will try my best not to spoil anything.


Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale

The world was introduced to the Virtual World with a new system called the Nerve Gear which lets a player fully dive into the virtual world with endless possibilities to VRMMORPG.

Now 4 years later, there is a new system called the Augma which doesn’t have the Fully dive function like the Nerve Gear. Instead, it uses augmented reality where a player is fully conscious and his surrounding is changed into a different reality. It is safe and user friendly.

There is a very popular game called Ordinal Scale that allows players to fight and gain points to become a high ranked player.

Kirito, Asuna and friends have already been playing this game. But they are in for a twist with this new system!!! 😱😱
First when I arrived to the theater it said the movie was sold out. I was really happy to see that because It just shows anime lovers are very much active at the theaters. Haha I’m just really happy I got my tickets a head of time.



The movie theater was packed with your stereotypical anime lovers and some cool looking people as well. Then also so many Asians that it felt like heaven to me. (Not being racist I just love Asians)

Before the movie started they had the voice characters of Kirito (Yoshitsigu Matsuoka) Asuna (Haruka Tomatsu) and the new character Yuna (Sayaka Kanda) thanking us for their support. Also, giving us a little insight on the film.

The beginning of the movie the pace was kind of slow. They were taking you through the explanation of the new gear Augma. A system that is a little different than the VR nerve gear where you are still conscious. You do not fully dive into another world. This system uses augmented reality and changes the real world around you.

There were some funny parts throughout the film, like the female characters Asuna, Lisbeth and Silica making fun of how out of shape Kirito is because he isn’t in the virtual world. So he has to use his real body for combat. Also, the cute back and forth between Kirito and Asuna.
You really get to see Kirito and Asuna’s relationship blossom into something much more mature and serious. The audience was clapping and making their little oooohhh sounds. It was funny to hear.


They did introduce another new character Eiji who is the protagonist in this film. His character was pretty cool because like I always say I like the bad guys. I do feel his character could have had a bigger part. Plus his story could have been more explained. I mean it was but for him to be the bad guy it was kind of a far fetch. Haha


Also, another new character they had was Yuna who was the singer for the games. She would appear at big events when the players were fighting a top level creature. She was almost like a Miku Hatsune character. Not really a hologram but an A.I. She was definitely a pop icon in this film. There is also more to her character but again no spoilers here. 😳


What I really did like about the film was seeing the familiar faces of the charters from the original Sword Art Online Yui, Silica and Gun Gale Online like Sinon. They also included the VR Worlds we have seen in previous SAO series.

I will say the fight scenes were not as epic as they could have been. They were cool but it didn’t have that dire danger they had in the original Sword Art Online. But I guess in the first series their lives really depended on it.
The ending was probably the best part of the film. That last fight scene they finally stepped it up. That is the intensity I was looking for through the whole movie.

All in all I am happy I went to see the film. If I had to give it a rating I will give it an 7.5 maybe 8/10. I wish I can say more but I really do not want to ruin the film for anyone.
Did anyone else see the film?


  1. Yeah the film was definitely great! I gave it a 9 myself, but I can see how the beginning was a little slow. Seeing the Pac-Man homage helped with that though and I just love the characters. (Particularly Kirito as he’s one of the greatest main characters of all time) The crowd was great and the whole selling posters part was a blast as well. It really makes the experience a whole lot better when you’re surrounded by fans like that.

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    1. No just the ones that were in that theater. Hahah I’ve been to conventions and there were so pretty cool people. But in that theater when people describe anime fan that is the look everyone seems to say. And they were there haha

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  2. I love Sword Art Online. There is a big Animecon coming up in june here in Holland, and I really hope that they will show the movie there. I really can’t wait for it. And reading so any positive reviews for it, my excitement is only building up more πŸ˜€ Great post as always πŸ˜€

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  3. Excellent review! I feel like Eiji’s story could have been expanded more and I like the relationship between Kirito and Asuna. When I went to the movies, I was surrounded by mostly Hispanic viewers lol.

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      1. I also hope it will be soon. I really wanted to see this but I won’t gt a chance to travel somewhere with a cinema for a few weeks and I’m not sure if it will still be airing then.
        Sometimes I wish I could edit comments. Just move the ‘n’ away from the ‘because’ and join it with the ‘o’. Then it all makes sense.

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  4. I’ll definitely have to peep this movie but unfortunately I’m probably gonna have to use a site like Kissanime or masterani because I’ll be too busy to go to a theatre.

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