We all know anime loves to take away many characters we Iove. I mean almost all my favorite characters pretty much died. 😭😭😭 Some of the saddest deaths that effected me were L (Death Note) Itachi Uchiha, Jiriya (Naruto Shippuden) and Mae Hughes (FullMetal Alchemist).

But if I had a choice to bring back a character from the dead and they can continue the story would be Kaori Miyazono from Your Lie in April.


Your Lie in April follows Kōsei a child piano prodigy. Due to his mother cruel training he was able to play the piano emotionlessly. He is know in the music world as a “Human Metronome” because of his precision of playing a score. After his mother’s death he has a psychological trauma where he was unable to hear the notes from the piano. For two years he stayed away from the piano.

One day he meets a free spirited Violinist named Kaori a violinist who plays very passionately and doesn’t follow the score. She is criticized by the judges but is loved by the audience. She convinces Kōsei to play the piano again as her accompanist. Then has him compete in the piano competition. Her passionate and non-traditional playing style mixed with Kōsei’s precise playing style creates beautiful music. As she helps him through his traumatic process he then realizes he is falling in love with her.


Now towards the ending of the series we see that Kaori is becoming ill from a disease. We all feel for her. Especially because she was so young and had such a big personality. To see her in that state it was so sad. 😢
Then the final episode which many people have told me they balled their eyes out she dies. You have a scene where Kōsei is playing the piano and you see her spirit playing the violin. 😭😭😭😭

The reason I want to bring her back from the dead is because she was so young and had so much potential to become a great violinist one day. She was such a free spirited person and cared about others a lot. She brought happiness into many lives. Also, I really wanted her and Kōsei to become a couple. They would have been so cute together. Omgggg

I had so many options to bring other characters back to life like my Fav L from Death Note but the case was still solved without him. Itachi but I feel the story became even better when he died. But I needed to pick someone like Kaori because her character still had more left to give.

So if you had a choice to bring any character back to life who would it be?


  1. I do agree with you… Kaori was used so unfairly by the anime, as a manic pixie dream girl to boost Kusei back up, and then just thrown away to complete his arc. If she came back, she could go back to making the beautiful music that tricked me into thinking the series would be better than it actually turned out.

    Who would I bring back, though? Every one of Saki’s missing friends from From the New World. Some of the deaths in that series absolutely crushed me.

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  2. Well…one of the characters that really touched me was Yuuki Konno, from the final Sword Art Online arc. I was incredibly sad when she died, and the way her death was handled really brought a tear to my eyes. So yeah…she is the character I would like to see come back to life 😊

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  3. I’m sorry if this’ll spoil anyone…

    One character I really want to be brought back is Chiaki Nanami from Danganronpa. My heart was really shattered when I found out that she died Q^Q

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  4. I would want Maes to come back. I would really want Sachi from Sword Art Online to be revived. What made it sad that Kirito promised to bring her out of SAO but he failed. The part that killed made me sad.

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  5. I’d bring back Zane from Yugioh GX. Aside from Jaden he was my favorite character. His death was handled really well as he got to go out on his own terms and inspired a lot of hope in the characters, but having him around for the final season would have been really cool.

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