It’s Versus Tuesday. Now I like these two anime. Both were great in their own way.

Another was more of a suspense, thriller and plus gore. But I will never forget the ending when everyone went shit crazy. Haha

Then Tokyo Ghoul had an awesome back story with Kaneki. The action was really cool and yes there was gore as well.

I am a huge fan of gore anime. I don’t know why. But out of these two the one I liked the most I have to say is Another. The suspense throughout the whole anime was awesome. It kept me on the edge of my seat.

which Anime did you like best?


  1. Nothing wrong with gore. Anime grabbed the attention of Westerners in the early days because it was more bloody than other cartoons.

    My vote goes to Another because I haven’t watched Tokyo Ghoul. If you like gore I would recommend Gantz.

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  2. These two shows sound a little too intense for me so I haven’t checked them out, but from the concept I’d probably go with Tokyo Ghoul. The character designs always looked really interesting

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  3. Well…this is a no brainer for me: Another. Absolutely loved that Anime. The story was simply amazing, the entire vibe of the series was creepy as hell, and indeed…that ending…Wow ! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ˜€

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  4. I’m going for Another because of its more consistent tone throughout. Tokyo Ghoul had a lot of good ideas but the execution was uneven and the story ultimately unravelled during season 2. Interesting topic.

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  5. These are hard bc even though theyre both gory theyre very distinct. Tokyo Ghoul is more shonen and i still love it. Another is horror in essence. And its difficult to find a good horror anime that really disturbs me. Another was going well then it kinda dropped last minute. Hard choice indeed. =____=

    I vote tokyo ghoul overall. Another was a little lacking in conclusion. Any other horror shows anyone can recommend?

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      1. Ughhh corpse party was great!!! That was such a great gore suspense anime. There was a manga called Den of monsters that is great for another type of gore genre. As for Tokyo ghoul against Another I vote Tokyo ghoul tho I found Another more gripping compelling me to watch episode after episode I choose Tokyo ghoul because I felt it was more impactful to me not to mention the soundtrack and the score throughout the anime was phenomenal

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