There are many anime out there that makes you sob your life away. Hahah oh wait 😭😭😭😭

Out of many forums I’ve read and and social media platforms I’m on, these two anime are always in the top sad anime.

So which anime gave you the most feels???

As for me, I pretty much died through both of them. But I have to say Clannad had me the most. Especially Fuka, all she wanted was to be remembered and for everyone to take her starfish. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Anywho, Which anime made you have the most feel????


  1. Aaahhh this is such a tough choice! Your pairings are getting harder and harder lol.
    I think Clannad basically made me feel more but I think I enjoyed Angel Beats more. Since we’re talking about the feel factor, I would have to go with Clannad.
    I soo love Fuko. Her arc was the most emotional!

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  2. Totally Angel Beats. I was more connected with the characters and they were more fun to spend time with so I cared more about their fate than the characters in Clannad. Plus, even though Angel Beats still definitely played some cheap shots to hit you in the feels, Clannad relied on it way more (particularly in After Story).
    I still cry every single time I watch Angel Beats and it is forever going to be the anime that makes me smile through tears as I watch the final minutes.

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  3. Nooooo, I haven’t seen either of them yet! D: I’d probably go with Angel Beats though because the animation style looks a little better and that can always make things more emotional. I know Clannad definitely has quite the reputation for being tragic though

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  4. clannad all the way, with angel beats, i feel like the sadness was rushed but with clannad, it slowly reveals itself in a good way, you don’t want to be bored waiting to see what happens bit if done correctly, the viewer will be interested to know more, and thats what clannad did

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  5. So unfair, I can’t even cope with either one of them. I’m gonna have to go with Angel Beats though, for a few reasons.
    1. It ended on a cliff hanger, one that made me cry my heart out
    2. What happened to Yui
    3. What happened to Angel
    4. Their memories
    5. The ships
    6. It was my first anime
    7. The changes they went trough along the way.

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      1. OMG. I knew I heard that voice before! I had no idea where though. I just found out that Tomoya and Hinata have the same English voice actor. I had no idea, but I always knew that voice was familiar, I mean, I can’t believe it though! They both had David Matranga as their voice actor.

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