HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!! Since its Valentine’s Day, I’ve decided to do a love “Versus Tuesday.” Awwww 😘😘😘

Which ship do you like better Nalu or Kirito X Asuna?

Hmm, I like both couples. But since I am a fan of Lucy and Gray, I’m going to go with Kirito and Asuna. But then I do like Kirito with Sinon. Ugh I’m all crazy. Hahah

But from the anime, I do like the relationship between Kritio and Asuna. He really did care for her as she did for him. She cooked for him. The fought by each other side. It was cute.
So, which ship do you like better????


  1. Idk really. I love both ships cuz I saw fairy tail more and on ep 219 LUCY AND NATSU ALOST KISSED BUT LUCY RUINED IT but then when I found out about asuna (who has the same voice actor as Lucy) I searched for the anime asuna was in and it was SAO. And at ep 5 I started shipping them. So I can’t really choose….

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  2. Kirito x Asuna gets my vote by default, as I haven’t watched Fairy Tail. One thing I like about them as a couple is that they hooked up fairly quickly. I hate when romance between characters doesn’t progress beyond being friends for several seasons.

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  3. Well for me the choice is quite simpe: Kirito and Asuna. I haven’t seen the other anime, but even if I did, I still know I would have made the same choice. I absolutely love the chemistry between the two characters and besides the Major from Ghost in the Shell, I don’t think there are any other Anime characters that I like better 😊

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  4. Definitely Kirito and Asuna. Kirito never seriously looks at any of the other girls as a love interest, his eyes are only ever on Asuna (but he’s nice to the others which is why they hang around as friends). More importantly, he respects Asuna as a player and her abilities. While he wants to keep her safe he doesn’t wrap her in cotton wool and pretend she can’t fight on her own.
    I haven’t watched enough of Fairy Tail but it definitely seems Lucy isn’t holding her own (at least early on) and is kind of reliant on the others.

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  5. Everyone’s voting for NaLu, haha, but I’ll have to take the opposing side. As much as I think NaLu is sooo cute and I totally ship them together, I have to say Kirito and Asuna beat NaLu by a smidge. Idk, maybe it’s because I’m bias since I love Kirito and Asuna as individual people. They are both so awesome and there’s something about them that I just love a little more than Natsu and Lucy. And probably the fact that SAO was one of my first anime that I’ve watched, so it will always have a special place in my heart. So as much as I love NaLu, I like Kirito and Asuna (Do they have a ship name?) better.

    Sorry, long rant over, hahaha.

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      1. It was really hard choosing between both ships. They’re both my OTPs ❤ It may have also helped that I kinda have a huge crush on Kirito 😛
        I like Kiruna. Cute ❤ haha

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