The movie Sword Art Online Ordinal Scale had their first test screening. After the screening a few viewers took to social media and said that SAO season 3 was just announced.

Now if a few people are saying this, and I’ve read this on a few anime sites, then this has to be or it better be legit.

I am a fan of SAO. Sometimes the last few episodes are kind of eh but when it starts off its always strong.

So, I am excited for this news. First a movie and now season 3. AWESOME SAUCE HAHA

What you think?

33 thoughts on “ANIME RUMOR- SAO SEASON 3

  1. I’m definitely ready for season 3! While I didn’t like Season 2 and couldn’t stand part 2 of season 1, the original Sword Art Online arc is still one of the greatest arcs in all of anime. If the show can ever get to that level again, then I’m all up for it. I own the first novel from season 3, but I haven’t had time to read it yet. I’ll definitely be checking the movie out in theaters though and I have really high hopes for it!

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  2. As much as I liked SAO. Can’t say i’m excited for another season. To be honest, I feel the first 2 seasons had too many flaws in story. At the very least, the art and animation is very delicious eye-candy for me.

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  3. Honestly…I see no reason to make a 3rd season. Not that they can’t scrape together some sort of plot to push out 13 new episodes, but honestly: What else is there to do? They beat/escaped the game, the crazy murderer is caught and Kirito/Asuna are basically married. What else is left?

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