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Its battle time 👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼 Versus Tuesday is here. Since Pokemon Go was like part of my life for some time I’ve decided to do a Pokemon battle.

Which duo do you think will win this fight Red and Pikachu or Ash or Pikachu??

This battle I can’t decide. It’s hard haha

FYI, I still haven’t caught a freaking Pikachu in my Pokemon go. Talk about scandal hahaha

Who do you think would win a battle???


  1. I’m gonna go with Ash. Granted, this is just if we’re doing a classic 1 on 1 battle where they each only have Pikachu. If they get their whole rosters, then Red’s Mewtwo ends it all. The reason why I think Ash’s Pikachu is a little stronger is because he’s actually taken on Legendaries in the past and has gotten so much EXP over the years. That duo is hard to beat!

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  2. As much as I would love to say Ash would win, it would clearly be red. He is the one that caught the most pokemon, and not givin them up. Ash keeps restarting and everything. I just don’t get how someone could be so stupid. He has the chance to be the best, but he never takes it. It makes yo realize how much the song and his dream set you up to think differently about him. He wants to be the best. but can’t keep a pokemon to save his life.

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  3. Hands down Red. Ash is a horrible trainer. Literally any fairly strong pokemon he gets he willing gives it up. That takes him out of the race forever. He loves his pokemon too much to succeed apparently. LOL

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  4. This is cool! I think Red would win. He has the strongest Pokemon and even defeated the Elite 4. However, Ash is good at making friends with all the Pokemon. Catching a Pikachu is much harder in Go.

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  5. AWWW Yeah!! I have been waiting for this one!! Red, hands down! He’s an a much more well rounded trainer! Is team is still one of the strongest overall on top of that he took on two sets of gym leaders and the Indigo Plateau and that was after he took down all of Team Rocket single-handedly!! He’s a beast, Ash wishes he was as good a trainer as Red! 😛

    LOLOL what?! no Pikachu! That means you missed the cute Holiday Pikachus with the santa hats!! NOOOOOOOOOOOO

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