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The reason I am writing about sports anime is because, when I first started really getting into anime I said “eww I will never watch sports anime”. I was so against sports anime, I guess cause I like real sports and I thought anime would take away from the realness of sports that I watch in real life.

But when kept writing about Haikyuu I decided to give it a try. AND OH MAN I WAS HOOOOOOOKED!! I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. The intensity of the show was awesome. After that I started watching more sports anime.

The things I do like about sports anime are;

1 the team spirit! I feel like one of the players and I’m rooting for them like I’m out there with them.

2. The drive the players have to try their best to win. I feel their pain when they mess up. I feel their happiness when they do good. I feel the pain when they lose and I feel the greatness when they win. (So many emotions)

3. The intensity of the sports really keeps me on the edge of my seat. Sometimes I can’t breath. Hahah

4. The message they send through the anime, it makes you want to do your best in real life. When I’m watching the little person who is not your normal player work his hardest to become the best, it inspires me to do the same in life. (Lame I know 😳)

So I am happy I got into sports anime in the last year. I’ve watched many types, basketball, Soccer, volley ball, swimming, rugby and even ice skating.

Some of the sports anime I’ve watched are below. My top three in order are 1. KUROKO’S Basketball, 2. Haikyuu and 3. Yuri on Ice.




Teiko Middle School’s basketball team had 5 players called the “Generation of Miracles” because of their miraculous skills and being undefeated. Little did everyone know there was a sixth player Tetsuya Kuroko who contributed to the team with his special skill of basketball. Now all entering Highschool they each go to individual schools with top basketball teams. Kuroko is now a freshman at Seirin High school and joins their basketball team. Another freshman Taiga Kagami with his natural skills studied abroad in the USA is joining the team as well. Together Kuroko and Kagami both have the same goal to beat each individual who was part of the Generation of Miracles to take Seirin to the top in Japan. Kuroko also wants to show the Generation of Miracles that his style of basketball can beat their styles.




Shoyo Hinata falls in love with volleyball after being inspired by a small statured pro-volleyball player. Hinata creates his own volleyball team in his last year of middle school. His team is defeated against a team that has a player called Tobio Kageyama also known as “King of the Court”. After losing to the “King of the Court” Hinata vows to surpass him one day. When Hinata enters H.S he realizes he is not going to surpass this player because Kageyama is now his teammate.



After an upset defeat in the Grand Prix competition Japanese skater Yuri Katsuki begins to have different feelings towards skating. After more defeats he decides to head home (Japan). There he reunites with his old friend Yuko at their hometown’s ice skating rink. Yuri performs an exact piece that 5 time Grand Prix winner Viktor Nikiforov performed in his last performance that earned him the gold medal. Not knowing Yuri’s performance was being recorded it was uploaded on the Internet and went viral. Viktor sees the video and decides he wants to coach Yuri. He heads to Japan and together they work together to win the Grand Prix.



Days follows Tsukushi Tsukamoto who is clumsy, non athletic and an unskilled boy who made it on the high school soccer team. We see his drive and passion to become a better player. Then you have Jin Kazama who is a natural born soccer player. We see these two become friends and work together as teammates.




Gion is a small statured High school kid. He watches a rugby practice game at his school and decides to join. Hoping this will help him become stronger and build his confidence. Only problem is he never played rugby in his life and doesn’t know the rules. We watch him throughout the series working hard to become the best rugby player.




Haru, Rin, Makoto and Nagisa were young boys who swam together in a relay race and won. The feeling of winning made them extremely happy. Rin moves to Australia to achieve his goal of one day swimming competitively in the olympics. During one of his winter breaks he comes back to Japan and meets up with Haru for a race, but is beaten and his feelings are hurt. After seeing this Haru gives up swimming competitively. Now as teens Nagisa enters Iwatobi highschool where Haru and Makoto both attend. One day they run into Rin who they thought was still in Australia. He challenges Haru to a race and beats him. After this race Nagisa is inspired to create a swim club at the school. Haru begins to get his passion back for competitive swimming, but refuses to swim relay only freestyle. Nagisa recruits another member Rei for their swim club to become an official club. Now they must take Iwatobi’s swim club to the nationals to compete against Rin who attends Samezuka Academy.




  1. I watched them all haha! I agree with the team spirit. The energy makes you get really reeled into the screen and I end up screaming and yelling and wanting to play more vball.

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  2. Sports anime are what got me into watching g anime — aside from Naruto and bleach. Here’s some older ones that’s are great:

    1. Hajime no Ippo
    2. Major
    3. Cross Game
    4. Eyeshield 21
    5. One-Outs

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  3. Sports Anime are the best anime, period! When they are done right, that blow the majority of the other shows out of the water. If you ever get the chance, watch the baseball anime Major. It’s a masterpiece!

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  4. One that I love that almost never gets brought up is Baby Steps. I think its one of if not the best sports anime ever. It’s about tennis but what I liked about it is how the main character tries to master every little detail. I think it’s one of the few that really captures the progression of actually getting better.

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  5. You’ve seen a real good collection of sport titles! I definitely enjoy the genre a lot for the same reasons that you mentioned. I love the intensity of a good match and it really gets you invested in the show and the characters. I actually like sports a lot in real life too so it’s like a double win. I actually haven’t seen a lot of sport anime yet though. It’s odd, I’ve read a bunch of the manga titles like Cross Game, Slam Dunk, Whistle, Prince of Tennis, etc, but I haven’t seen most of the anime yet which is pretty bad. From the ones above, I could see myself starting with Days first, but they’re all pretty short so it could be fun to marathon most of them. If you count card playing as a sport, then I’ve seen all of those, but it’s a bit of a stretch. I’m gonna make this my New Year’s Resolution, it’s time to watch some Sports anime!!

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    1. Hahah yeah you should binge some of the sports anime you didn’t get to see. I binged watch Kuroko’s basketball in a week. That was 75 episodes. Right after work I watched it and the weekend just stayed home and watched it haha

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      1. Whoa, you’re really a hardcore anime fan! The most I’ve seen in a week would be closer to 30-40 episodes and that was back during the good ole summer vacation days. Heh, you’re definitely very dedicated. That’s definitely the right approach though and I’ll certainly do that (On a smaller scale) to catch up with these sport titles a lot quicker

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  6. I never used to watch sports anime and then I tried a few and now I will watch sports anime but I still have to say they aren’t my favourite. Ones like Yuri on Ice appeal more because the story is about the individual character journeys and they just happen to be working on their sport. Recently I started Haikyuu and while I”m finding it perfectly watchable and some moments of it are very entertaining, if I stopped watching it I wouldn’t mind either.

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  7. I’m a little skeptical about sports anime after Free! I couldn’t get into it. What would you recommend as a good starting sports anime to get into? I’m kinda looking for something with a real hook/story. Great article and hello!! It’s been a while πŸ™‚

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  8. I get tired just by thinking about sports lol. In all seriousness though, I have not yet watched a sports anime. I have watched a couple of regular shows which feature sports (one tree Hill and friday night Lights for instance)mand quite enjoyed those. Maybe I will give one of these a try 😊

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  9. LOLOL Sports anime are so addictive! I was the same way as you in the beginning, I swore up and down that I’d never watch sports anime ever… and now look at me, fangirling over vollegball players and ice skaters! I’m gonna check out KnB, because everyone says it’s fantastic!!

    Awesome post!! πŸ˜€

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      1. LOLOL isn’t it? Don’t get me started on the ships! I spent a whole day reading Haikyuu KageHina DJs!!

        I will I will, then I can fangirl about that too, but I will say that I have my eye on some of the guys already!! XD

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  10. KnB was my downfall into the sports anime genre! It’s in my top 3 as well! I’m glad to see All Out on this list, I actually quite enjoy the show. I know some people find the character designs off putting; but I actually don’t mind it.

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    1. Omg please don’t bring up the steelers. 😭😭😭😭😭 I was so mad we had to play the patriots. We got our ass whooped. And I was also mad when. MY giants lost to the packers. I thought my teams had a good chance. 😭😭😭😭

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