Haru, Rin, Makoto and Nagisa were young boys who swam together in a relay race and won. The feeling of winning made them extremely happy. Rin moves to Australia to achieve his goal of one day swimming competitively in the olympics. During one of his winter breaks he comes back to Japan and meets up with Haru for a race, but is beaten and his feelings are hurt. After seeing this Haru gives up swimming competitively. Now as teens Nagisa enters Iwatobi highschool where Haru and Makoto both attend. One day they run into Rin who they thought was still in Australia. He challenges Haru to a race and beats him. After this race Nagisa is inspired to create a swim club at the school. Haru begins to get his passion back for competitive swimming, but refuses to swim relay only freestyle. Nagisa recruits another member Rei for their swim club to become an official club. Now they must take Iwatobi’s swim club to the nationals to compete against Rin who attends Samezuka Academy.




Haru is a second year student at Iwatobi highschool. He is quiet and has trouble conveying his feelings correctly. He may come off standoffish. He loves to swim and will strip down to his swim trunks at the sight of any water. He lost his passion for competitive swimming after he beat Rin in a race as kids and hurt his feelings. He started to regain his passion when Rin comes back from Australia and they race again. Haru’s specialty is freestyle swimming.


As a child Rin transfers to Iwatobi elementary school to swim with Haru, Makoto, and Nagisa in the relay race which they win. His dad won the same race in competitive swimming and dreamed of swimming in the olympics. But his dad dies in a typhoon. Rin heads to Australia to train in competitive swimming to get better. During one of his winter breaks he comes back to Japan and meets up with Haru for a race, but is beaten and his feelings are hurt. He goes back to Australia but his time there was very difficult. He comes back to Japan with a new bad attitude. Not like the happy kid he was when he was younger. He enrolls into Samezuka Academy. He doesn’t join their swim team. One day when he goes back to his childhood swim building that is being torn down he bumps into Haru, Nagisa and Makoto who are there visiting as well. Rin challenges Haru to a race and this time beats Haru. After this Race he decides to join his school’s swim club so he can compete against Haru again. His specialty is butterfly but he swims freestyle so he can compete against Haru.



Makoto is a second year student at Iwatobi highschool. He is Haru’s best friend and they grew up together swimming. Makoto is more personable than Haru when it comes to interacting with others. He has a fear of the ocean after a traumatic situation with an old fisherman he idolized drowned and died in a typhoon. Makoto’s specialty is the backstroke. He is also captain of the swim club.



Nagisa is a first year student at Iwatobi Highschool. He swam with Haru, Makoto and Rin in the relay when they were younger. He always looked up to Haru and decided to go to the same school so he can swim with him again. Unfortunately, when he gets there, there is no swim club. After Rin races Haru and beats him, Nagisa is inspired to create a swim club at the school. He is the treasurer. Nagisa’s specialty is the breaststroke.



Rei is a first year at Iwatobi highschool and Nagia’s classmate. He was on the track team as a pole vaulter, he didn’t perform well because he calculated his jumps too much. He likes all things that are beautiful. Even a person’s form in a sport. He was approached many times by Nagisa to join the swim club after Nagisa saw how athletic Rei was. Rei refused him many times. But Nagisa never gave up. When he goes to a swim practice just to see what it’s all about he witnesses Haru’s swimming and admires his beautiful freestyle. After this moment he joins the club. Little did Nagisa know, Rei can not swim. Rei manages to learn to swim by doing the butterfly stroke. Rei’s speciality is the butterfly stroke.



I’ve been into sports anime as of lately. I’m totally all about them. So I decided to give Free! A try.

First the animation for this show is really good, the men are drawn super hot. 😍😍😍 their bodies are definitely as defined as the real swimmers. The drawing with the men swimming in the water is amazing. It looks as though you are watching Michael Phelps swim in the olympics. The drawing of how the bodies move in water is on point.

This show felt more like a drama than a sports anime. Usually, the sports anime I’ve been watching keep me on the edge of my seat. The intensity is not as crazy like the others. Don’t get me wrong the swimming was amazing. The races were cool but it doesn’t keep me on the edge of my seat.

The show focused mainly on Haru and Rin’s relationship; they once use to be best friends and then that changes when they get older. Haru only wanting to swim because he just likes the water. No rules. Then Rin trying to achieve a goal like his dad. Then Rin getting upset with Haru not being motivated to move on after highschool in his career. It kind of was annoying to keep going back and forth with their relationship. Their relationship and selfish personality also effected the other members in this show. So as for a sports anime I will give it a 5/10 and for drama 7/10.

This show was good but not the best sports anime.

21 thoughts on “FREE! – ANIME REVIEW

  1. I usually love sports anime, but this one did seem more focused on fanservice and drama than the sport, which is what has made me hesitate on it for now. I like my sports to be all in like Prince of Tennis where there was always a game going on. I love titles like Yugioh, Cardfight Vanguard, and Scan 2 Go for the same reason. Still, it sounds like the show was fairly good so you just gotta go in with the right idea. I imagine you’d be more disappointed if you had assumed that this would be a pure sport show from the start

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  2. I never got into Free! because of my lack of sports anime interest and annoyance by fanservice. I enjoyed the characters for the most part, and the competitions were okay, but it was never my type of show. Good review though. I’d probably rate it lower but that’s my my own bias.

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  3. Maybe I will give this anime a chance one day. I have avoided it thus far because it seems like shameless fan service. When it comes to sport shows I prefer something more respectable like Keijo or I Want to Be The Strongest.

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  4. I am a guy I watch this anime for the storyline and Kyoto animation (one of my favorite animation companies) but there is room for fanservice for the ladies not just for men.

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  5. I’m a total fan girl for Free! But agreed on the scoring completely, not exactly the strongest sports anime or strongest story. It’s pretty average. But yes, animation was tight and the men were indeed hot.

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