Today is an interesting battle. Rukia VS Erza!!! Who do you think will win a sword battle??

I have noooo idea. I mean they both have great swordsmanship. They both have some magic power. Both are extremely tough chicks.

I don’t know if I can decide. Maybe Rukia because she is from another universe.


Who do you think will win in a sword battle???


18 thoughts on “RUKIA VS ERZA??? (VERSUS TUESDAY)

  1. Tatania Erza, Queen of the fairies. She has th ability to requip into anything she needs to beat her. She has more strength and speed, and, if all else fails, she has her fairy tail family to come and back her up. Her abilities are increadible and designed for combat though, so I think the answer is clear.

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  2. This is definitely a really tough one. I’d probably go with Rukia as well. I dare say that she should be a little better than Erza in pure swordplay since she’s been fighting for dozens if not hundreds of years. Erza has better durability feats so it would take a long time to bring her down, but I’d wager that Rukia is a little faster. Her Infinite 0 Bankai would also be very hard for Erza to get past since it has such a wide range.

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  3. I feel like Erza should have the advantage. While, as far as the anime is concerned, she’s never had an armor set to be resistant to ice but knowing her she probably might. Even without that, there’s too many “forms” Erza can take that lead her to a variety of different win conditions. All Rukia has is her ice abilities that require her opponent to stay within the radius in order for them to hit. Rukias abilities are actually kind of bad imo because anybody fast enough should easily be able to escape the radius of her abilities. Either Erza overpowers her without route force or takes the easy route and uses speed to her advantage.

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      1. šŸ˜… I guess? It can’t be helped, the spoilers for Bleach and Fairy tail pretty much made their way on the Internet to me. So couldn’t actually find the way to start them. Fairy tail manga is still being posted by people as soon as it comes out. And bleach, the ending was all over the Internet when it came, and I know who he ends up with too. šŸ˜„šŸ˜…

        So yeah T.T

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  4. I’m going with Erza. She’s just got far more will and determination whereas Rukia tends to waver at critical moments. Besides, if Erza has any kind of armour that protects her from ice (I haven’t watched enough Fairy Tail but I remember she does have one for fire) it is pretty much going to negate Rukia’s sword and we already know Erza is used to way more powerful magical attacks than Rukia is going to be able to use, even if Erza gave her time to finish the incantations.

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  5. I think it would be a tie. Both of them will be rough and use all their power, and they will fall to the floor smiling because it was a hell of a fight.

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  6. No doubt in my mind Erza would destroy Rukia
    First off Erza not only has the larger choice of battling gear but depending on her gear she can either become faster or stronger even thought she’d probably pick her double sword samurai get up to take Rukia on but in the end Erza would pull through and I feel she has more magical power and better stamina

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