Its Versus Tuesday. Which world would you rather live in? A world filled with Titans or a world filled with Zombies??

I rather not live in either, but if I had to choose I would choose the Titan world.

1. Because with zombies you can become one

2. I can be the next Mikasa in the Titan world haha



  1. I’d go with zombie world, but I do know less about it since I didn’t see the show. While I think Titan World gives me a better chance to survive, I’d actually fear the humans. I recently read the two part novel about the Mistress in the concealed village for Titan and it’s crazy how they torture everyone and rule the place with fear. At least with the zombie world I could try to hide out and survive without having to worry about that part. I also find zombies to typically be pretty slow unless these are actually quick. Hopefully there’d be enough food to eat though.

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  2. Whoa. You’re terrible throwing us to the cage and making us choose between an anaconda and a shark. Or something like that. Hmmmm. Difficult question. I would rather live in cotton candy world with chocolate waterfalls and cute puppies and kittens, but since there’s no choice like that here, well, I’d rathee choose the world of Titans because I can fangirl over Captain Levi every single day and force him to marry me. 😜

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  3. i read threw the comments Lol. So many valid points for both sides. So I’m still on the fence about my choice. i’m leaning more towards the Titans. It’s true that zombies are much easier to kill. The infection is always there. No only do you have to worry about the people are you going mad and turning on you. you have to worry about someone possibly getting sick and dying without anyone knowing and then turning. doesn’t seem worth the hassle.

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  4. Both are not the best options to live in. If it’s just between them, then Well with the way the manga is going, and the fate of titans makes me really afraid of becoming one. ✌
    I would rather live in a world of zombies. I want to be like Daryl Dixon (From TWD lol) in a world of zombies. I choose my life instead of Mr. fate😁. Oh, if it’s a zombie like as in Sankarea I wouldn’t raise a finger against it.

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      1. Zombies are dead people, you know! That’s no way to treat the dead πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜›
        But I get what you meant! Titans are even more crazier sometimes though?

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  5. There’s a bunch of reasons that I’d take a zombie apocalypse over being anywhere near a Titan but I think I should save that for something else so I’m keep it simple I’d rather take Zombies over Titans because there’s no way I’m going to survive a Titan.

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  6. I’d have to go with the zombies. The titans are way too unkillable whereas the zombies you kind of have a chance even if you don’t really have combat ability. Hitting them over the head with a frying pan might save you whereas it wouldn’t do anything against a titan.

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  7. I’d live in the world of Titans. Politically, their world is a complete mess, but there typically is no set power structure in worlds with zombies, outside of ones made by scratch which are usually run by psychos (just like real politics! *badumtss*)

    But the real reason is, a zombie world would probably get boring after a while. Titan battles are usually huge and exciting, and I’d love to be a soldier using 3D maneuver gear to take them out. Plus, I’d rather die by titan and have it over with instantly than die slowly by zombies and end up becoming one.

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