Hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas. Now the fall season is coming to an end. I wanted to give my final thoughts on the shows I’ve watched.


Anime: Yuri On Ice Genre: Sports, Ice Skating


After an upset defeat in the Grand Prix competition Japanese skater Yuri Katsuki begins to have different feelings towards skating. After more defeats he decides to head home (Japan). There he reunites with his old friend Yuko at their hometown’s ice skating rink. Yuri performs an exact piece that 5 time Grand Prix winner Viktor Nikiforov performed in his last performance that earned him the gold medal. Not knowing Yuri’s performance was being recorded it was uploaded on the Internet and went viral. Viktor sees the video and decides he wants to coach Yuri. He heads to Japan and together they work together to win the Grand Prix.


My favorite anime of this season, probably my second favorite anime of the year after erased. As I said in a previous post I didn’t even want to watch this show but then I kept seeing all the social media frenzy and everyone posting on their blogs, So I decided to give it a try. Let’s just say it slapped me in the face and made me feel stupid for not watching it from when it first premiered. Hahah it is such a good show. The characters are amazing, the animation is terrific. The drawing of the skaters and their movements felt so realistic. This is definitely a must watch.

Anime: Haikyuu Season 3 Genre: Sports, Shounen, comedy, school, drama


Shoyo Hinata falls in love with volleyball after being inspired by a small statured pro-volleyball player. Hinata creates his own volleyball team in his last year of middle school. His team is defeated against a team that has a player called Tobio Kageyama also known as “King of the Court”. After losing to the “King of the Court” Hinata vows to surpass him one day. When Hinata enters H.S he realizes he is not going to surpass this player because Kageyama is now his teammate.


After watching the first two seasons of this show, I thought how can it get any better. But it totally did. The game between Karasuno and Shiratorizawa was sooo intense. Shiratorizawa’s ace player Ushijima is no joke. His skills were pretty much professional, he was not playing like a high schooler. But Hinata and Kageyama were both not letting up. Their whole team kept going. There were times when you thought no they can’t win. But they stayed strong. I can’t not express how much I was happy the 3rd season wasn’t a let down.

Anime: All Out Genre: Sports, Rugby, School, Seinen


Gion is a small statured High school kid. He watches a rugby practice game at his school and decides to join. Hoping this will help him become stronger and build his confidence. Only problem is he never played rugby in his life and doesn’t know the rules. We watch him throughout the series working hard to become the best rugby player.


This show was a surprise. I didn’t know what to expect with this show. But it was really good. Gion the main character you can’t help but like him. His determination to learn rugby and try to become the best player is heartwarming. The different personalities of all the players on his team are awesome. It is like many other sports anime, the short and not suited guy for the sport wants to become the best player. It’s still a must watch.


Anime: Bungou Stray Dogs Genre: Supernatural, Mystery, Seinen 


Nakajima was kicked out of his orphanage and left on the street starving. He decides to rob the next person that walks by him. Instead he sees a man drowning in the river and saves him. The man he saves is named Dazai who is suicidal, then comes along Kunikida who is writing in a notepad. They are both members of the Armed Detective Agency. This agency is a special task force that handles crimes that the police or military can not handle. This agency’s members all have special powers. Due to Nakajima saving Dazai and getting to know each other Nakajima soon joins the agency. We also find out that Nakajima has powers as well.

Season 2 started off really interesting because we got to learn about Dazai’s past and him being part of the Port Mafia. Then the show goes back to the present time and the agency is after a new set of bad guys. These new set of bad guys were actually really interesting characters. I am a sucker for bad guys. Their powers were really cool. Then watching Nakajima’s growth from this feeble boy to a boy who is embracing his powers is really cool to watch. I am pleased with the second season.




Anime: Lostorage Incited Wixoss Genre: Game, Psychological


Homura returns to her childhood hometown Ikebukuro. She starts to attend high school but doesn’t fit in. She sees other kids are playing a card game called WIXOSS and decides to learn to play. She hopes this will help her get friends. She buys a deck from the card store and opens the pack. A girl on the card begins to move and speaks “welcome selector”. A selector are players chosen to battle for 5 coins that holds all their memories. Every fight they lose they lose a coin. Every fight they win they gain a coin. If they win all 5 coins they can leave the game. If they lose all 5 coins then they lose their memories.


I kind of did like this show. The card games can never get old. Chi-chan was an intense character because she was so determined to lose her past memories of her friendship with Homura. Then you have Homura who wants to save their past. The battle to lose or save their past was an interesting take on this show. The card battles was pretty cool because of their LRIG (avatar) fighting was fun to watch. I am not going to say it’s the best show ever but I say it’s a show you should give a try.


Anime: Soul Buster Genre: Action, Samurai


In history there were three kingdoms that fought against each other. A highschool student Sonshin begins to have a weird dream. When he wakes from this dream strange things begin to happen. He ends of facing general Gien who is from one of the three kingdoms from the history books. A mysterious lady warrior appears and protects him against Gien. Sonshin has no idea what is going on and we begin a journey with him and its mysterious lady warrior.


This show wasn’t bad. Now the drawing style may not be good for some people. They may find it weird. But the story was kind of good. The battles were awesome. It really had a Fate Stay Night kind of style. The episodes are like 12 minutes long so watching it goes by fast. But I did enjoy this show. The characters were kind of cool even though you don’t really get to grow with them. But I think I really liked this anime because of the fight scenes.



Anime: Trickster Genre: Mystery


A mysterious detective group called Shonen Tanteidan solves many cases big and small. One day Hanasaki a member of the group finds a mysterious boy named Kobayashi who has significant powers. He longs to die one day but is unable too. Hanasaki takes an interest in the boy and invites him to join Shonen Tanteidan on their cases they must solve. Also promising Koboyashi that he will kill him one day.


This show had soooooo much potential to be great. The main character Hanasaki started off really cool but towards the end became really annoying. The mysterious boy Kobayashi’s character could have been a great part of the plot. But his character to me was more like a background character. They could have used his mysterious power as the source of why the bad guys were after the detective club. But they went in a pointless direction because the bad guy had past problems with the boss of the club. It got really confusing and they had characters they didn’t even need. This is not a show to watch.

Anime: Cheating Craft Genre: Action, School


In this life, university exams determine your future, whether you will be successful or poor. Students have been pressured to pass these exams. There are two types of students L type which are “Learning Types” who studied all their lives to pass the exams. Then there are C types which are “Cheating Types” who are students that use any technique possible to cheat just to pass the exams.


This show was funny, but kind of a pointless anime to make. I didn’t understand why they needed to make this show. Every episode was about the kids taking test and figuring out ways to try and cheat. Nothing more.

Anime: Bloodivores Genre: Action, Supernatural, Vampire


There was a global case of insomnia. They created a cure to suppress the problem, but the side effects created bloodivores (vampires). Mi Ryu is both human and bloodivore. The people consider him to be The child of Hope to bring the human race and bloodivores together. One day he is convicted to death for bank robbery and murder. But he is kidnapped and brought to a prison where other death sentenced bloodivores are being held.


Another anime that could have had a great story. But they went downhill after the second episode. The vampire thing is so over now. Then the creatures in this show were creepy. The information we received never added up. The people started getting new powers out of no where. Omg it was confusing and didn’t make since.

So those are my final thoughts. Now it’s time for the winter anime line up. 2017 here we come 😀😀

41 thoughts on “FALL ANIME 2016 – FINAL THOUGHTS

      1. Ah right, that’s what I thought. I legit think there is no good animes expect for season 2s such as Haikyuu. Not really discovered or gave a chance to any this season. Next season will be dope I think.

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  1. Agreed. Yuri on Ice has got the love, in so many ways. Such a special show. And I’m with you on Trickster as well, it had so much going for it, but it just didn’t stick to the promise all of its characters had at the start. What a shame.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Haha…it seems lately that nearly every comment I’m giving on all the blogs that I am following, are about Yuri on Ice lol 😂😂 I still have to watch it, but I am going too. I have to see this for myself so curious about it 😀

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  3. I’ve only seen Haikyuu and YOI and like Matt said lol, I absolutely am in love with both series!! YOI was a huge surprise, I really expected to watch one or two episodes and drop it, but I wound up tuning in ever wednesday like everyone else! Haikyuu was a past favorite, but this season was fantastic!! It turned everything up to eleven and I have my fingers crossed that we get a new season soon!!

    As always fantastic post!!

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      1. Yup! Another thing is those anime and manga that you just have to re-watch and re-read(Like Haikyuu-I’ve re-read it three times!) . It’s not fair that they should take time and be counted.
        Those can be exempted right???

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  4. Completely agree about Trickster, Bloodivores and Cheating Craft. These shows were definitely lacking this season and Trickster isn’t even finished yet. Still don’t think I’m going to keep going with it.

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  5. cool blogs,

    yeah tell me about the Yuri on ice hype, crimson and Aria was spamming it on twitter, must be one hell of an anime, considering the fact its literally about skating lol

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