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I’ve decided to kind of start “Versus Tuesday”. I will have different battles, choose one or comparisons between different animes, or anime characters. I like to see everyone’s opinions.

So here goes, If you had an option to join a team which team would you choose to be on and why? Natuto (Team 7) or Fairytail????

I will choose Naruto (team 7)!

1. Because I can marryΒ Kakashi

2. I can take Sakura’s place cause I can’t stand her

3. I’ve always wanted to be a ninja



  1. Team fairy tail. I love fairy tail, and I already feel like they are a part of me. I enjoy the adventures and destruction they bring, plus thier power and friendship is amasing. They are a family and will always protect you no matter what. Nalu is cute, and I would like to plot with mira to make that happen. I would make Gray tell juvia he loves her, and get Jellal to come back and tell Erza he loves her. Nalu, Gruvia, and Jerza shipper, sorry if you don’t understand my reasoning. I want magic, not ninjas.

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  2. Why?! Why are you making me choose between Kakashi and Mystogan,WHY?! Can I crossover every now and then? LOL! This is difficult. But since you’ve specified ‘Team 7’ on the Naruto team, I’d probably go for Team Fairytail (I’m assuming it’s the whole guild including my dear Mystogan).

    But if you include Itachi on the Naruto team I’ll definitely shift! Nice idea on ‘versus Tuesday!’ Will look forward to more of your posts!

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  3. Lol your pick was funny, I mean the reasons 😁 .
    I would pick Fairy tail, I love both, but hey I know no one in Fairy tail ever dies, so to be on the safer side I want to join there πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ and will be always closer to Erza and Lucy (This team has two girls xD)
    Hope to see you in battle πŸ˜†πŸ˜œ

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