So I just saw on Crunchyroll that Assassination Classroom is now there. Yayyyy I’ve been trying to watch this show for the pass year on so many different anime sites. But for some reason each and every site would freeze or have an issue where I can’t see the show.

Now it is on Crunchyroll and I can finally see this show. I’ve only made it to episode 6 and those 6 episodes took foreveerrrrr to watch because of all the rebuffering. I think something didn’t want me to watch this show.

I always hear good things about this series and the 6 episodes I did watch was sooo funny.

I just had to vent my excitement. It’s like winning an academy award for me right now. Hahahah



  1. I have read the manga, after reading it, I didn’t possess the courage to watch the anime. The ending is extremely sad yet hopeful!
    I hope you enjoy the anime series.
    If you are tired of buffering, then just pause the video for sometime and then start watching. It always works for me that way. is a good website for watching subbed Japanese anime. Best of luck and enjoy!

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    1. I actually finished the first season already. Talk about funny and awesome!! I wish Koro Sensei was my teacher hahah. I heard it’s a sad ending. Ugh not looking forward to it. Oh and trust me I’ve tried to pause the videos and wait for them to buffer but no luck on any site. Also thanks for recommending another site to check out. πŸ˜€

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      1. My pleasure. πŸ™‚
        It’s better to download the second season if streaming doesn’t work for you.
        Koro sensei is just awesome. ❀

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  2. Crunchyroll gives me some issues at times with its buffering. Some Wi-Fi spots just get really picky with me watching online stuff. Assassination Classroom is fun though, and I’m glad this was one of the first shows to appear on CR after the Funi/CR deal.

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