WORLD OTAKU DAY – LETS CELEBRATE!!! Tell me why you love anime and manga???


Today December 15th is World Otaku Day!!!! 🎉🎉🎉 now I know some may say the word Otaku can mean something bad. But I like to take it and turn it into something good. I do not mind being called an Otaku. Otaku in Japanese mean nerd. So I am going to celebrate.

So to celebrate us being anime and manga lovers. I want to hear everyone’s reason why they love anime, manga or gaming. Whatever falls under the Otaku fanatic world.


I’ll start first:

The reasons I love anime and manga are because it is life! First, I love the storyline and the plots that keeps me engaged in the series or stories.

The characters and watching or reading about their journey and seeing them grow. Another thing about the characters are the hot men. My fan girl moments. I love the different characters from the hero, to the emo, to the flamboyant to the angry female. The range can go on for days.

My most favorite thing about anime and manga are the cliffhangers. When I think I am done with an episode or a chapter I have to keep going because I must know what happens next. There have been times I stayed up all night watching a whole series or reading 4 manga books. Hahah

So that is just a few things about why I love anime.

So my fellow OTAKUS tell me why you love anime? Can’t wait to hear your stories.



34 thoughts on “WORLD OTAKU DAY – LETS CELEBRATE!!! Tell me why you love anime and manga???

  1. Thank you for celebrating Otaku Day!

    I too, do not mind being called an otaku. I consider it to be a compliment. 🙂

    Why do I like anime/manga?

    Well, besides the dazzling action scenes and the out-of-this-world scenarios, I like anime/manga because they teach important values that are lacking in today’s society.

    Not just “today’s society” actually, but even peers from my generation think that things like “friendship” and “loyalty” and “tolerance” and “kindness to strangers” are so UNCOOL.

    But to any otaku who reads manga and watch anime, such values have probably been deeply embedded into his (or her) psyche. As an otaku who grew up reading Dragonball, City Hunter, Saint Seiya, Yu Yu Hakusho, Ranma 1/2 and dozens of other titles, I value the friendship I share with my friends and I am tolerant of alternative lifestyles and whenever possible, I will be kind to strangers who need my help.

    I think I made a blog post before, about how I helped a taxi driver who was being threatened by a druggie. I didn’t write about it to boast, but to promote anime/manga. Because, I believe I mentioned, the reason why I went out of my way to help a complete stranger was because I was so heavily influenced by all the manga I had read and all the anime I had watched up till that point in time.

    And I want to tell the world: Otaku Rocks.

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  2. Happy Otaku Day to all, I love anime because Japanese artists are so creative and talented. They can produced so many ideas that are beyond my imagination. Anime are one of my sources of inspiration in getting creative ideas.

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  3. I love anime because of the diversity in storylines. It’s a world of (generally ) well-made stories and there are some very entertaining ones out there. I love the effort that the creators put into setting up the characters and the conflicts, and how connected I feel to the shows that I enjoy.

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  4. My initial attraction as a youngin was definitely the animation. That’s how I feel in ove. LOL Graphics, character design and things of that nature. And then it became the story telling aspect. Then it became the music. I was able to indulge in things that I loved all in one place. That to me was pretty amazing. And this still is true even today. As for manga, which I didn’t get into until much later. It was the story telling aspect as well.

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  5. I love anime and manga simply for the fact that it’s a unique medium, a story can be told more uniquely because of the art style. Another reason is simply because the storylines are just so good at times and there’s so much character development that you can’t help but love it.

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  6. I love anime because it’s different and unique. I like seeing the characters go off on adventures; the art and music are marvelous; and I really like the people who likes anime and manga as much as I do. Thanks to anime and manga, I was able to go this far in blogging and meet new people.

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  7. Honestly what is there not to love? Anime has something for everyone, there are so many different shows and themes out there, that pretty much everyone will find something to their liking. The stories are great, the characters, the animation, and since I have started blogging I love this incredible community that is here. It really makes my day to be a part of that. And before I forget: Happy World Otaku Day 😊

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  8. My friend showed me it one day, and I’ve been hooked ever since. I love the twists and turns that are always there and the way they can add people at the best time. and yes, the times when I can fangirl are nice. I loove binge watching all my favorites and try to do it as often as I can, but I also have other thngs to do too. Plus, I honestly think that anime is better then any of the other things that come on TV now a days. But, anyways. This otaku day, celebrate by writting Otaku :3 on your wrist. Let’s all show our otaku pride.

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      1. Not a problem. I only started watching last year, but I am already a major anime nerd. Please chec out my anime reviews and tell me what you think.


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