I hate watching anime and you have those annoying helpless female characters I.E Sakura- Naruto and Orihime – Bleach. Ugh but I really love when an anime has a bad ass chick that can whoop ass and get just as crazy as the guys. There are so many we can name from Touka- Tokyo Ghoul, Saber – Fate stay night and Rukia – Bleach. But below are my favorite Badass females.


Revy is probably the top of all bad ass chicks. She legit busts guns more than her fellow male partners. I never seen so many shoot outs in an anime. She smokes cigarettes and curses up a storm. She doesn’t care who you are She will take you down in a quickness. When she walks into a room everyone knows trouble is about to happen. She embodies badass to the fullest. That is why I like her a lot.

Watching AOT there is no doubt after Levi, Mikasa is legit the next best fighter. I want her around when Titans attack. Even though she cries for Eren almost all the time, But you can not take away from her the bad ass fighting skills she has. The way she uses her swords to swipe the back of the necks of the Titans is officially awesome.


Motoko should be considered the original bad ass female. Since I was a kid I wanted to fight like her. She can kick ass in the sexy outfit she wears. Even though she is a robot but you can’t help but know she is dangerous. She is bad ass. Her fighting skills are to full capacity. I was happy as a kid to see her character beating up people.


Akame is super cute but don’t let her looks fool you because she is dangerous. When I first watched Akame and she came out with her sword and whooped ass I was sold. I knew I had to continue watching this anime. She is quiet and deadly. The epic fight between her and esdeath is a scene I will never forget because it made me want to take up sword fighting. Hahahah


If you have read my past posts you will know I am obsessed with Esdeath. She is super badass. She kills anyone who stands in her way to get what she wants. Her ice powers were tremendously awesome. She just embraced bad ass and evil.



How can Erza not be on my list. I don’t care for Fairytail that much. But I did like Erza. She was hilarious and super bad ass. She can whoop ass. She even scares Gray and Natsu. Her fighting skills were on a whole different level. When she transformed you know you are In Trouble.


This 17 year old is a bad ass at such a young age. Ryuko seriously had the biggest bad attitude ever. Always was rude and crude. Ready to fight at the smallest things. Her battles were all intense but she always seems to come out on top. I guess that can happen to a person who is trying to get revenge for her father’s death.
So that is my list. There are so many more but I will only post a few. This post would have been truly long.

Here are my other favorite choices:

Yoruichi Shihōin – Bleach
Yuno Gasai – Future Diary
Lucy – Elfen Lied
Annie Leonhardt – Attack on Titan
Michiko Malandro – Michiko and Hatchin

I just like to see strong women in anime besides the sick and sad helpless girl. Haha

Who are your favorite bad ass chicks????


  1. Great picks for badass characters, I have Esdeath, Akame, Yuno Gasai (From future diary) and Homura (From Madoka Magica) in my list. Akame, Yuno, Homura have those emotionless face when they kill, that really makes me scared. πŸ™€

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  2. If it were me, I would go with Balalaika from Black Lagoon, Bellemere from One Piece, and Genera Olivier Armstrong from FMA.

    From here, from here, Kusanagi and Misaki are my favorites!!
    Great list!

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  3. Your list convinced me that I should include Akame ga Kill in my watch list! Yoruichi is definitely on my list. As to other badass chics, I’ll have to Maya Natsume from Tenjo Tenge and Theresa from Claymore! Nice list! Loved reading it!

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  4. Nice list. I’ve always been drawn to strong female characters because I was raised by strong women. But I also see the necessity of the Sakura/Orihime aka fodder type as my friend likes to call them. They balance things out and if I am being fairly honest those types of characters exist in real life. We all know at least one person or know of someone who is like that. So it’s realistic at least to me but I have to agree its still annoying.

    Lucy from Elfin Lied is definitely as bad ass and borderline scary. LOL

    Picks off the top of my head. I’m thinking..

    Olivia Armstrong from FMA Brother hood is another royal badass.

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  5. Revy is a total badass. I also hate weak ladies like Orihime, by the way.
    Unohana Retsu, from Bleach is also a badass woman, too bad we didn’t get to see her in action. Yoruichi, well she is, I think, the strongest women in the series, and some of the woman espada as well. Era sama, well, she rocks…

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      1. Me, too. She was supposed to have an amazing power, but she was more than useless. I would have killed her off.


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