So I’ve posted this top image on some of my social media accounts. It’s been getting a great response because it’s hilarious. BUT! It’s also true.

First let me start by saying there are some favorite and top known ships out there. As I have stated in a previous post Natsu X Lucy (FAIRYTAIL) Kirito X Asuna (SWORD ART ONLINE) and Naruto X Hinata (NARUTO). Just to name a few.


Now me I like to play against the rules, I like Kirito X Sinon (SWORD ART ONLINE) Gray X Lucy (FAIRYTAIL) Naruto X Sakura (NARUTO). Of course I get flak for it. But you sometimes have to switch it up. Hahah but the flak I get it very settle.


Now when it comes to yaoi fans and their shipping, they can get vicious. I have no problem at all with Yaoi. But if a character is not made to be gay in an anime then I won’t ship them with a guy.

Now back to the image, the most yaoi ships I see online are usually from Attack on Titan. Eren X Levi or Armin X Eren and Jean X Marco. Etc. so when I said my favorite ships are Eren X Mikasa, Sasha X Connie, Armin X Annie, Levi X Petra or even Levi X Zoe. OMG the comments and anger I get. It is hilarious. Not only me but I have seen it happened to other people as well.

Yaoi shippers can be the most fanatic and harsh group to deal with. I still love them because they love anime. But don’t cross them with a straight ship when they want a yaoi ship. Hahaha

Now the only Yaoi ship I actually really like and would like to see happen is Sebastian Michaelis X Grell Sutcliff (BLACK BUTLER)


Have you ever had a ship gone wrong? Or tell me some of your shipping experiences. Hahah

Thanks for reading.


  1. The yaoi shipping in the transformers fandom can get vicious, but that’s the reaction from the non shippers. I use to get a lot of weird looks from my friends in the Naruto fandom when I was younger because I loved the ship of Orochimaru x Jiraiya 😛

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  2. As far as I’m concerned, people can ship whoever they want. It doesn’t even matter if characters are portrayed straight, gay or whatever within an anime, or any other form of fiction. It’s a personal fantasy, it’s anything you choose to imagine. It’s deeply sad and awful that people will go out of their way to abuse each other for something as silly as a fantasy relationship. Somehow, it’s not hard to imagine the AoT fandom is one of the worst for it either 😔

    Oh yeah, Grell X Sebas-chan is a given. But I wouldn’t say Sebastian is an anything-sexual in any human sense. He is a demon, after all. His greatest desire is to nom on Ciel’s soul 😛

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  3. I always ship the wrong people! And they unfortunately never get together. I have a long list of my ships that never sailed. (Annie X Eren, Tsubaki X Arima, Kyou X Tomoye to name a few) It really breaks my heart but I’ve learnt to cope with it lol.
    I SHIP GRAY X LUCY AS WELL! I think they’re perfect for each other. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one. Thanks a ton for sharing this!

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  4. Honestly, omg, yes!!!

    The Attack on Titan fandom – and I hate to say this – is one of the worse fandoms I have ever seen! I’ve never seen a group who would so easily attack each other over a ship. What’s even funnier, is that Eren and Levi barely interact with each other in the rest of the manga. In fact, they get into a fight over Erwin, so I wonder how the fans will react to that.

    I agree with you. If a character isn’t meant to be gay, I don’t ship them. This was a great post! Thanks for bringing up this topic :3

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      1. It’s actually interesting how the writer took their characters to very different places. Eren gets kidnapped…and Levi’s focus is more on his past and trying to help Erwin realize his dream. If it the two weren’t in the Scout Regiment, they wouldn’t even care or know about each other.

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      2. I agree, and it makes the stories more realistic. I think a lot of peope in shipping wars just like to push their own ideals on people. In the end, the characters aren’t real and the fandom will eventually fade into nothingness.

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