I was going to wait to write this post. But when I arrived at the museum everything changed. I can not explain the awe in my face. My face literally dropped. The outside looks so awesome. The colors and the structure looked like a Miyazaki film.


On the outside you can take a picture with Totoro who looks super cute. The unfortunate part of my experience is that you are not allowed to take pictures inside. ☹️☹️☹️

Here is a map of the inside. They have different rooms. The 1st floor has the moving pictures. That was my favorite room. The next room was the screening room. There I got to see an original short film by Ghibli studios. Below is the ticket they gave us to get into the screening room. It’s super cute. I wish all movie tickets looked like that.


The 2nd floor was where there were special exhibition rooms. One room was created to show how the film was created. The next room showed an director and creator’s room.

The 3rd floor had a special room called the Cat Bus Room. That of course is where they had a replica of the CAT BUS. I was freaking jealous that kids 12 and under can ride and jump around the bus. 😑😑 they did have a special exhibition of the Cat Bus in another room where we were able to sit inside an adult version of the bus. The seats were amazingly soft. Then my jealousy went away. Hahah

On the roof there is a garden that had the giant Robot from the final episode of Lupin III and castle on the sky. I was unable to get a picture because it was too dark outside. Ughhh but you can see it in some images i took pics from the outside.

All in all I have to say I wanted to cry when I was in the museum. I wish I could live there. All the art work, the sculptures and moving pictures were amazing. When you look at everything you almost forget that you’ve seen that film or forget that it was a Ghibli film. I know Ghibili studios and Miyazaki himself had such a big influence on anime. Even my life. Seriously.

It was so great speaking with other anime fans and Ghibili fans. Everyone I spoke to had a different favorite Ghibili film. Also, You don’t have to know Ghibli films just to enjoy this experience. I’ve met some people who never seen a film from the Studio but still loved the museum. So glad I came.


Again I wish I could’ve taken pictures inside so you can get the full experience.Β Hope you all can one day go.


  1. Oh my!! You are soooo sooo lucky!! I wanted to visit last June but it was still being renovated *CRYYY* but I’m veeeery happy for you and thank you so much for sharing!! Visiting Ghibli museum is still at the top of my bucket list for sure!!

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