After an almost 20 hour flight to get from New York City to Japan, I’ve finally made it! Yayyy

As soon as I got to my hotel room I pretty much died in my bed. It was almost 12 midnight. On Saturday.

I had a tour set up for Sunday to visit the Skytree and Asakusa area. We first stopped at Asakusa where the old meets the modern age. Here are the shrines and temples I’ve seen.

They also had the little shopping area where you can buy food, souvenirs and more.

Next we visited the Skytree which is the tallest TV tower in the world. The elevator got us to to 350th floor in less than 10seconds. It was super fast. Once I’ve reached the top the view up there is amazing. You can see an Ariel view of Japan. Here are some images in black and white. When I did it in color it didn’t come out to well.



Oh while in the Skytree I passed this super cute store. Look who I see inside.

It took everything not to buy stuff. I’m waiting till I get to Akihabara. Hahaha

After the Skytree I headed back to my hotel because I still felt the jet lag.
I do know I am glad I am from NY, the crowded streets felt like home. The subways were sooo easy to take and they are way more clean than NY’s. All in all I am happy I am here. Today is Halloween for me. I know it’s still Sunday for some of you. Shibuya crossing had a 3 day street party for Halloween and today is the last day. I’m so going. Super excited. Until next time.

Sayonara 👋👋👋

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