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Yes! You have read it correctly. I am heading to the Mecca of anime and all things Japanese. (Duh) I leave Friday the 28th.

I am superrrrr excited, it’s like a dream come true. I’ve traveled places, South Africa, England, Bahamas, And Bermuda just to name a few. But this is my dream trip. My life goal and I am making it happen.

I will be out there for like 10 days. I’ll be in Tokyo. Since I’m from New York, I decided to stay in a city like my own. I will visit the whole Tokyo area if I could. I have a tour to visit Mount Fuji. I will visit many shrines. Try to stop in Osaka and possibly Kyoto. AND OF COURSE I HAVE TO VISIT AKIHABARA.

I will take many pictures and try to post some stuff on my visit.


Again I’m super excited. Thanks for reading.





  1. I’m from New York as well. But Toyko felt like home for me except it was much cleaner. Congratulations and have a great time. Make sure you get a good night sleep prior to your flight. When I went, jet lag hit me in reverse. I was tired when I arrive in Japan but when I came back home. I was totally fine. lol Most people have it the other way around.

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