One Punch Man follows Saitama who was a bored working man who needed something different in his life. One day a crab looking monster comes to town and wants to harm a little boy with a butt chin for messing with him. Saitama saves the little boy by killing the monster.

After he defeats the monster he decides this is his calling to become a hero. He trains everyday by doing 100 push ups, 100 sit ups, 100 squats and runs 10km. He becomes the most powerful hero in the world. He can take out his opponents with one punch (hint the name). He becomes bored because he doesn’t have any real challenges out there to fight. Throughout this series you watch Saitama fighting and meeting many different characters.

Now I’ve heard and read many reviews on One Punch Man. Majority of the reviews were in favor of the show. There were many that just couldn’t get into it.

I loved the show. It was hilarious and the over the top characters made it more entertaining. The main character Saitama was phenomenal. That’s because I watched the sub version.

Now to the headline of this post, recently Toonami aired One Punch Man and it was dubbed. I could not stand it at all. Saitama’s voice was so annoying. He sounded more like a sarcastic prick than the funny duddy Japanese voice. Even the other characters voices dubbed was annoying. I could not find it funny. The Japanese voices was way more funnier. The jokes seemed to hit better with the Japanese voices.

This goes back to me telling people, I really like to watch anime Subbed rather than dubbed. Many times the voices they cast for dubbed are just not the same.

So if you haven’t watched this anime and you decide to, watch it in subbed. It is worth your while.

I guess this post was more of me venting.

Can’t wait for season 2 which I’ll be watching of course in sub. 

Did you watch One Punch Man in subbed or dubbed?


  1. The eternal subs vs dubs debate rages on hehe. I think when someone watches a show subbed first it’s hard for them to accept the characters having a different voice regardless of how good the dub may be.

    In the past dubs were horrible, but these days I have no issues as the US market has lots of talented actors. The only concerns I have with dubs is when companies will change the meaning of lines for no reason at all during the localization process.

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  2. I always watch the subbed version. The original Japanese voices have better intonation and the range that some of these actors can pull off is amazing. Also, I find that some of the lines that work well in Japanese tend to sound lame in English. I think it’s because English isn’t usually so dramatic (like we just don’t say some of these corny things, so it sounds better in a different language)…

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  3. I used to watch dubbed when I was a kid and never knew that I was watching anime. The time I knew it was anime, I always choose subbed because the expression of the voice is the best especially when the character is shouting.

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  4. I have heard so many good things about this one, I am definitely adding it to my to watch list. The problem is, there are so many good things lately, time is truly becoming a factor. I wish I could watch all day, but unfortunately there I do also have a job lol. As for your question, I always try and watch everything in the original language. It just feels more real, and in almost every case, it is better than a dub. Anyway, great post 😀

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  5. I watch most things subbed but I’m not normally against the dub (except for some of the old 90’s ones which were pretty bad). I haven’t seen this with the dub so no idea how it compares but I while I didn’t dislike this show I didn’t feel it had a lot of rewatch value so I don’t really have much interest in checking out the dub.

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