I was one of the lucky ones to get tickets for the New York Comic Con’s Saturday date. This is my third year attending and I swear it is getting bigger and more crowded each year. I always enjoy myself because of the panels, special guests, gaming stations, the virtual reality sections and especially Β the NYCC Eastern Championships of cosplay contest. Saturday is always the best day to go. That is why the tickets sell out so fast. Below is the beginning of how crowded it was.




Some of the really popular panels were Teen Wolf, The Walking Dead, Rooster Teeth’s “RWBY” interview and One Punch Man. Unfortunately, because of the craziness of the crowds I was unable to attend any panels. Everyone was lining up 3 hours before the panel start time. Now I know for next year what to do. lol But because I didn’t attend the panels I still had so much fun walking the floor taking pictures with everyone and participating in the fun events they had.



I always like to roam through the artist alley. it is just amazing how talented everyone is with their artwork. The many comic, anime and original characters are just amazing. Here are some images from Artist Alley.



Now this is where temptation hits. I mean come on!! all the cool stuff you can buy and become broke from. I was very proud of myself. I only brought two things, even though I wanted to buy the whole damn place. hahaha Like many conventions they had the manga and comic section. The toys to action figures, to plush characters. One popular one was the Star Wars helmets. If only I can give $600 for a helmet ughh.



My favorite part of the whole convention are the cosplayers. The thing with this convention because it is a Comic Convention, you see more of the Marvel and DC characters. There are like 2oo Harlequins and Jokers. Plus 900 Deadpools, haha But I was happy to spot a few of my anime lovers out there. Here are some pictures of my favorites anime costumes.



Now I attended this last year and thought this was amazing. This year the cosplayers stepped it up even more. The creativity of these costumes were amazing. I mean Wow! They had different categories from Armored, needlework, FX and Larger than life. My favorite categories were Armored and larger than life. The materials they used to make their costumes look like metal in the armored section was just astounding. Then the larger than life section was so crazy to see these huge costumes still function without falling apart. Below are some costumes and the top 3 winners of the competition.



















Overall I had a lot of fun. I was a little disappointed that I was unable to attend the One Punch Man and Teen wolf Panel. But thats life. I still enjoyed myself and had fun with fellow nerds like myself.


Did anyone else attend? tell me your thoughts.

21 thoughts on “NEW YORK COMIC CON – DAY 3 (BEST DAY)

  1. Looks like the con was great this year and getting bigger. Didn’t get to go this year went two years ago. Was supposed to go again this year with a friend but he couldn’t make it do to school related stuff. Hopefully I can make it for the anime convention next year in spring and hopefully they were able to find a bigger place since they didn’t do it this year.

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  2. Sheesh, okay now I AM motivated to con hop in 2017-18! Not sure if it’ll be Chicago’s Anime Central or my home state’s con, but dang it, I’m hitting one after the gaming computer’s rebuilt! πŸ™‚ Glad you had fun!

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  3. Comic Con was fun. i enjoy the panels and show floor but the cosplay is my favorite thing. I look forward ,to that always. every year they seem to set up their game even further. I have so much respect for the dedication these fans have. I try and put that same love and appreciation into my vision. Glad you had a great time. i’m looking forward to next year. thanks for sharing.

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  4. It really does get more crowded each year this is like my 9th year going to NYCC and It’s great. You’re not alone on missing out on some of those panels, I can’t wait in lines anymore there is so much to do everywhere else. I got TWD off my bucket list about 3 years ago that panel always has the craziest lines.

    Did you make it over to bookcon? I didn’t because of the crowds and how long it actually takes you to get around.

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