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Well it’s the time again to give my final review on the Summer 2016 anime line up. I have to say this season wasn’t my favorite. I wasn’t dying to watch the next episode on many of these anime.




Food wars follows a boy named Sōma Yukihira who grew up in his father, Jōichiro Yukihira’s restaurant. His father taught him all about cooking and they would compete against each other in cooking battles. Every time Sōma would lose. Hahah One day Sōma’s father receives a job to cook abroad and around the world. So he closes shop and then enrolls Sōma in to an elite culinary school where only 10% of students manage to graduate. Here at this school Sōma meets many student who are all skilled at cooking. Many of them each specializing in something specific for cooking such a meat, curry, Italian cuisine and etc. While in the school the kids are faced with many cooking challenges and battles as well. You witness Sōma developing as a chef and reaching his goal of becoming better than his father one day.


Usually second seasons are not as good as the first. But Food wars is an exception. I loved the cook off battles. I was so happy my three favorite chefs were featured more, Sōma, Ryō and Akira. It was so good to watch. Also, the food looked better than ever. It really makes me want to be a chef. Or at least learn to cook.

Anime: Berserk Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Demons, Fantasy, Military, Supernatural, Seinen, Horror, Romance


Guts is known as the black swordsman who is on a quest for revenge. Throughout his quest we see many crazy outlaws, evil spirits and the devout child of God. Guts encounters many of them fighting his way to get to the end of his quest to accomplish his revenge.


As I said before, I was not going to watch Berserk because it looked kind of rough and brute. But OMG I am so happy I did. It was freaking awesome. I like the supernatural stuff. I love Guts the main character because he was such a mans man. I loved this show so much.



Mob is a powerful esper who doesn’t know how to emote his feelings. He wants to live a normal life so he suppresses his powers. When his emotions began to surge to 100% he releases a lot of power. He is surrounded by many fake espers, evil spirits and a mysterious organization.
It is really hard for him to keep control of his powers.


I loved One Punch Man. The same creators for this show and this show was hilarious. You can’t help but laugh. You learn to love Mob because he is such a sweet character, but once you push him all hell breaks loose. I really enjoyed this show. All the characters were over the top bizarre but it keeps you engaged.



D Gray Man follows a boy named Allen Walker (super hot) who is an exorcist. He is part of an organization of exorcists that use a substance called innocence to fight an army of Akuma ruined by Millennium Earl.


I was so excited when I heard they were coming back with D. Gray Man. I liked the series before. The first episode had me like eh. Then as I continued watching it, I was really happy it came back. Allen Walker looks way better and the storyline was awesome. I don’t want to reveal too much but it was good.




Days follows Tsukushi Tsukamoto who is clumsy, non athletic and an unskilled boy who made it on the high school soccer team. We see his drive and passion to become a better player. Then you have Jin Kazama who is a natural born soccer player. We see these two become friends and work together as teammates.


I am not going to say this is a must watch. It did lack the intensity of a lot of other sports anime I’ve been watching. But you do start to like the brotherhood among the teammates. You do like the characters. It did have some funny parts. I do feel as though they relied on this boy who couldn’t play soccer at all too much. It doesn’t happen like that In the real world. But overall it wasn’t bad and it wasn’t great.



Hanae Ashiya is just beginning high school, but his first few days were missed because he was haunted by a yokai. He decides to seek help from an exorcist and finds the contact info of the Mononokean and visits him. He meets Itsuki who is a young boy like him. Itsuki helps exorcise the yokai and Hanae is able to go back to school as a normal kid. The only problem is he is now in debt to Itsuki and becomes his employee. Hanae helps Itsuki exorcise yokai to the underworld to hep pay off his debt.


Now I have to say I actually did like this show. It was funny and very entertaining. But you have to like this kind of slice of life anime. I thought it was funny, the relationship between Itsuki and Ashiya was so fun to watch. But this anime you have to be in the mood for or like this kind of genre.



91 days is about a guy named Avilio who receives a letter which makes him go to the city called lawless. He goes to seek revenge against the Mafia organization who killed his Family. 😢


I feel like this had potential to be better. I mean I was super excited when I saw the promos. I love this era and the prohibition time. But this show barely had any climax. The shows pace was so slow for me. You barely get to know the characters or have a chance to really like anyone. I say try it, it wasn’t bad. I did like the shooting scenes. But again it had so much more potential.




Justice Atatsuka saves a man who is getting mugged by a teen boy. The man awards justice with a stone that implants a tattoo on his hand. Tattoos are ancient weapons that enhance the physical abilities of its owner. They are activated when the individual uses its own unique trigger to release the phenom powers. Justice now has this tattoo and is now teaming up with an organization that is looking for all tattoo users.


Why did I watch this? The characters were all over the place. The story was all over the place. The fight scenes could have been way better. This show was so crappy. Again just my thoughts.



In Qualidea code the world is at war with creatures called unknown. When they first invaded many kids are evacuated to a cold sleep facility where they went into a slumber. When the kids woke up they gained powers called world. Now with these new powers the kids are ordered to fight the unknown and protect the many areas of Tokyo, Kanagawa and Chiba.


Another one, the story was all over the place. I did like some of the Characters in this show though. But again with the story it was just a mess. I wish it could have been put together better. Even the artistic style was so old fashioned for the times we are in now.



Naho is a high school student in her second year. She receives a letter from her future self 10 years in the future. Naho believes the letter is a prank until all the events written in the letter begin to occur. Naho’s future self has regrets of letting a classmate she loves Kakeru die. She wants to change events to keep him alive and do things differently in her younger days.


This show was one of the most annoying shows ever. When I first read the synopsis I thought it was an original story and sounded interesting. But when I watched this show it was annoying. Naho the main girl was so annoying and too timid for me. I wanted to slap her like millions of times. I hated that everyone stopped their whole life to make this one kid happy. I mean come on. He killed himself why change your life around for him. I would be there for him but why change your future. It was stupid. Again, my thoughts.




Cho Soran is a typically college student. He goes to a small village to visit his grandfather’s grave but when there is attacked by zombies. He is then saved by a mysterious girl with a sword. Everything begins to change in Cho’s normal life. Normality is no longer.


Dropped that’s all I can say. It was stupid. Hahaha



Green City Kazamatsuri is about to have their annual Harvest Festa. It’s a massive school festival. Kotaro decides to do research on topics for his article. It becomes difficult because the town is rumored to have sightings of unidentified creatures and occult occurrences. Eventually strange things begin to happen to Kotaro.


Dropped, it was not funny and I felt like I was fooled since the first scene of the anime. I thought it was going to be a horror but it did a complete 360 and it wasn’t.

So,those are my thoughts. Tell me how you felt about the Summer Anime of 2016.

Thanks for readung 😀


  1. Agree with the choice of anime for each category though it sucks to hear about 91 days never got around to watching it and people keep saying the ending was a let down and the show overall didn’t live up to the fight. I guess baccano will remain the king for mafia mobster related anime and that isn’t a bad thing since it’s great. Just wanted to see more since we don’t get many anime dealing with mafia and gangsta was okay I was hoping 91 days would be better. Great picks though.

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    1. I wasn’t a fan of much if anything that came out during the summer. I would’ve watched Jojo and D.Gray-Man, but as I’d read the manga I pretty much skipped them. I did give DGM Hollow a few episodes to see where it was going then stopped around episode 5 or 6. There are a few titles that have me looking forward to the fall/winter seasons. Great piece. ^_^

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  2. At least you had the sense to drop Hitorinoshita. I foolishly trudged through the whole season of it and just kept hoping it would get better. That said, it still has a bit more coherence than Taboo Tatoo did.

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