imageIM BACCCCCCKKKKK!! That was a good mini vacation. It was well deserved. It was great catching up on everyon’s blog and anime news. So here are some things that caught my eye in anime.




I am excited to hear that Sword Art Online – Ordinal Scale will have a World Wide movie release in February 18, 2017. No longer us hearing about the movie only being released in Japan. Now we can watch it too. I’m so happy to live in NY because movies are always screened here. Yayyy

Anime: Relife Genre: School, Slice of life, Romance Rating: 8/10


ReLife was an anime that premiered this year during the spring/summer 2016 season. It released all their episodes at once. And sure enough I’ve watched all of them. I found it to be interesting. Not a show I would recommend to others. Now I do find it interesting that they are coming on with an Live action movie. It is set to be released in April 2017. Well we will see what happens.



I feel like lately Toonami has been doing really well with adding new anime to their line up. At one point it was getting kind of boring. But recently they’ve had Hunter X Hunter, One Punch, Dimension W, and also One Piece. Now they are adding JOJO’S Bizarre adventure premiering October 15th. I’m glad because that was an anime that is on my need to watch list.



Hell girl is an anime that had different stories each episode. Each episode the main character is in a situation where they are either bullied, stalked or tormented by another person. To elimate the problem they call Hell Girl to help them with the problem. The victim will go to a website at midnight that allows them to reach hell girl. She appears and gives them a doll with a string tied around them. If they pull the string she will elimate their problem. The only catch is when the victim dies their souls with go to hell, but their problem will be gone and they can be happy again.

Now this anime is now going to debut in Nibember as a stag place. This anime is kind of haunting. So it wil be interesting to see this played out on stage. I really did enjoy this anime.


So so there you have it. These are the things that caught my eye in the anime world.

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