In Ergastulum, a city that is filled with the mafia, hoodlums, prostitutes and dirty cops, you find Nicholas Brown and Warick Arcangelo. They are handymen for both the cops and the Mafia. They save a prostitute named Alex from her crazy pimp. She becomes their assistant for their handyman business. As the series go on you begin to learn that Nicholas Brown is a Twilight, which are humans with super human abilities. He is also deaf but that doesn’t stop him from whooping butt. Warwick has another job as well as a gigolo. You find out more of his past of coming up rich and leaving the good life to do what he wants. Alex their assistant trying to clean her life up and escape her demons of her once crazy pimp who abused her.




He is Nicholas Brown’s partner. He is a handyman for the cops and Gangsters in Ergastulum. He has a side job as a gigolo. Growing up he was abused by his father. Nic was his personal guard who was there through the whole ordeal. One day Worwick’s dad pressed a lit cigarette against his eye, Nic went on a rage and killed Worwick’s father with Worwick’s permission. They have remained partners ever since.



Nicholas is Worwick’s partner. He was Worwick’s personal body guard since he was a teen. Nic was abused by Worwick’s father. Nicholas is a twilight which are humans with super human abilities. Like the other twilights he is identified by his dog tags. Nicholas is also deaf. He can read lips and hold a conversations through sign language.



Alex was a prostitute who was abused by her crazy psycho pimp Barry. One day Nic and Worwick saves her from her pimp by killing him. To try and make her life better she becomes the handymen’s assistant working in their office.




I love anime that has mature context. There is something about it that feels so real.

Gangsta really grabbed me right away. I wasn’t going to watch it because of the style of drawing but I read nothing but good reviews. So I gave it a try and LOVED it. The background of the two main characters was a great story told. How they met, how they were abused and how they come to what they are now.

The supporting characters are so good as well. I love the other twilights that Nicholas has to fight. The fighting scenes are amazing.
The way they created the city as this low down gritty place felt so real.

I’m just upset that there will be no second season. The production company went bankrupt. 😭😭

So I will buy the manga to try and finish the story.


So give this anime a try.

25 thoughts on “GANGSTA – ANIME MUST WATCH

  1. Hello! Im just writing to check in. You see, I attempted to create a self-hosted site but it didn’t work out, but in doing so it ‘migrated’ you to receive updates from that now deleted website. If you’d like to still receive updates about me, feel free to click onto my blog(not going anywhere anymore now haha).
    -Sorry but thanks, Jill

    P.S. i loved this series. The ending was very ‘secons season coming’ because they started a new arc, but it was easily one of my favorites that season!

  2. Gangsta had so much potential in the beginning. But you can see how they slowly fuck it up with the quality of the animation and, by the end, you realize that they just leave you hanging with no explanations whatsoever. It sucks when a good series can’t be continued.

  3. I loved watching Gangsta but it’s hard to recommend when it clearly has no ending. They just leave everything hanging. The characters are great and I loved the set up with the city and the conflict, but without an end…
    Also, the opening theme is fantastic.
    Thansks for sharing.

      1. Yeah, but for me if an anime doesn’t stand on its own then it doesn’t stand on its own. I don’t do the play the game or read the mange thing to find out what happens at the end.

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