After  watching so many anime series, you kind of have an idea of what genre you are more favored towards. There are many genres to choose from such as Slice of Life, Mecha, Action, Horror and Romance just to name a few. And I mean a few. After I looked at my list of anime I’ve watched I realized my favorite anime are usually in the psychological and horror genres. Also, I realized a lot of the anime I dislike are part of the ecchi and harem genre.





Psychological genres goes deep into a characters mind. Touching upon the psyche and thinking process. Putting the character in situations where they have to use their intelligence, and wits to figure out the situation. Or can top upon a character’s dysfunctional personality.




I love the human mind. It is the most complexed thing ever. The way an anime can challenge the character’s psychological approach to situations is amazing to me. I feel as though it is not that far off from real life.

Above are some of the anime I like from this genre. (Death a note, Future Diary and Death Parade)




Horror genre usually consists of ghost, monsters, and gore. The more blood the more of a horror it is. As long at it creeps or scares a person it Is doing its job as a horror.



I’ve always love horror and thrillers. In anime or actual movies. I just love the chill you get when watching it. It def keeps me on the edge of my seat.

Above are some of the anime I like from this genre. (Another, Deadman Wonderland, Higurashi no Naku Koro no)






Ecchi is a genre where you will have mild sexual scenes. They are not obscene. Just very settled. You can randomly see a female character’s underwear or have a nude female where you do not see any private parts.



I don’t mind settled ecchi. But when I am watching an anime and it’s over the top ecchi it can get annoying. Sometimes or most of the time it just doesn’t make since towards the plot/storyline. Sometimes it can take away from the actual plot.

above are some anime that made me dislike this genre. (Trinity Seven, Highschool of the Dead, Heaven’s lost Property)



Harem is a genre where there is a a male character with 2/3 or more female characters with a love interest in him. They are usually head over heels for him and all are trying to get his attention. Or vice versa a female character with 2 or more male characters after her love.



This genre is just sooooo annoying. When there is a love triangle. OMG it’s just so annoying. I wish I can explain in more detail as to why I dislike this genre but when there is an anime with harem I give up on it.

Above are some Harem anime that made me dislike this genre. (Nisekoi, Hundred, Rosario + Vampire)


These are my top likes and dislikes in these categories. Other genres I like are action, adventure and martial arts. Other genres I dislike are Yaoi and Yuri.

Tell me which genres you like and dislike??


  1. Though most of my favorites are action/fantasy shounen, I’m a sucker for shoujo/romance/comedy. I’ve watched about an equal amount of both. My least favorite is probably horror, anything yaoi or yuri, and ecchi. Horror is really just because I get scared easily, and the others make me uncomfortable. Like, I’m cool with characters that are homosexual, I’m just not fond of the whole show being focused on it. I’m not big on sports anime either, mainly because I have no interest in sports at all

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  2. I agree with your dislike of harem anime. Most of the time it’s either obvious how it’ll end or just annoying. My favorites almost always have a fantasy aspect (D Gray Man and Fairy Tail). I’ve also gotten into some sports anime and manga, too, just because of the passion that’s portrayed in the characters (Prince of Tennis and Gothic Sports). If written well, they really make me want to go out and play sports, even though I’m terrible at them.

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  3. I suppose samurai is my favorite genre of anime. (Rurouni Kenshin, Sword of the Stranger, Samurai 7, Carried by the Wind: Tsukikage Ran, etc.) I put fantasy in second place because so many fantasy anime are repetitive–even though it’s my favorite genre for books.

    Like you, ecchi, yuri, yaoi, and the like are my least favorite genres. Any time the writer needs to titillate the audience with sex, one can be sure there’s something inferior about the storytelling or characters. Second to that is slice-of-life, which often strikes me as boring. I actually like the harem genre because of the kind of comedy it generates.


  4. I’m passionate about sports anime, but if it’s slow or doesn’t grab me I don’t stick to it either. I like all genres, as long as it’s entertaining, funny, or engaging. Plot and characters are important, but if there’s a good execution then anything goes. I think the only genre I tend to evade is hentai, the rest I tend to watch. I’m a big of BL/yaoi and GL/yuri too 😛

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  5. I lean heavily towards Action anime of all sorts. Fantasy and Psychological anime (Death Note hell yes!) are great too. As for dislikes, Ecchi is on top of the list. I’m not that keen on shows that focus primarily on romance and comedies either.

    I dislike how yaoi and yuri genres are so fetishised – it kinda takes the joy out of lgbt representation but I do love seeing queer relationships in mainstream anime, scant though they are.

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  6. I think I like everything cept harem and ecchi. Horror can creep into psychological and mystery/crime drama – it’s about suspense. I don’t really touch into “horror” anime, even though I watch horror movies, but horror pops up at any time.

    I’m still looking for that one fantastic schi-fi/mecha.

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  7. I agree with most of your choices. I dislike ecchi and harem anime because they usually lack substance, although there are some exceptions. I also love Psychological and Horror anime because they make the audience think and question things. The only thing I disagree with is your dislike of yuri D: Yuri is my favorite genre along with slice of life and magical girl, but yuri is number one because gay.

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    1. Yeah glad you agree with some of my choices. I think Yuri needs to be written by females more than men. When it’s written by men it’s less enjoyable because they don’t understand the emotion of a female.


      1. Yes, I agree completely. Sometimes men writers just use yuri for fan service or other dumb reasons. I agree with the other user who mentioned Girlfriends (or any other work by Milk Morinaga) and Citrus; they are both written by women and are very good. I don’t know about anime, but there are a lot of yuri manga written by women. They are just harder to find :/

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  8. I’ve actually never heard of Ecchi before! I’ve heard of Harem but I never really knew what it meant so thank you for enlightening me on both genres. I don’t think it’s something I’ll enjoy either because sex/nude scenes aren’t really my thing (reminds me of Shokugeki no Soma) and a character having more than one love interest or the character likes another one who likes a different one and ughhhhh. You understand my feels! It’s like Anohana or Nagi no Asukara. They were a pain in the butt to watch because I was so frustrated with everyone liking someone who they weren’t supposed to like? I don’t particularly enjoy Slice of Life but there are a few anime series that I love like Tanaka is always listless or Hoozuki no Reitetsu.

    As to which genre I like… that’s a hard one… I obviously like my sports and romance. But I also like adventure and action too! It’s hard because I do watch anime that are horror but I don’t really like super scary things but still managed to watch Danganronpa, Deadman Wonderland or Tokyo Ghoul. I also like Death Parade or Assassination Classroom. Gahh!

    Anyway, excuse my rambling but those are my thoughts. Look like you posed an excellent question because I could go on about it for ages!

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  9. I love anything that is slice of life. And I also tend to enjoy quite a few anime/manga which are of the Shounen genre guess that’s thanks to my brother. I like comedy also but I lean more onto the shoujo and school life side than comedy I guess. BTW a great post always fun reading what others think about a certain genre of anime/manga maybe I should try and read death note.

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  10. I mainly agree with Karandi and with your list. Watched and LOVED many of the ones you listed. I tend to lean towards Psychological, Horror, Action/adventure, Shounen, Fantasy, sport (this just recently) and some comedy and shoujo.

    I’ll try but usually give up on slice of life, as well as harems and ecchi without a really good story/characters.

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  11. Shoujo anime/manga FTW!!! :))) I like sports anime too. But I’m not very particular with genres. I don’t even like notice it when I’m picking my anime. I usually just read the plot, then give it a go if it interests me enough.

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  12. I generally don’t have preference towards an anime genre, so long as the writing is good.

    But ecchi anime don’t have strong plot, or at least I have not watched one that does, simply because it relies on ecchi as the factor to draw viewers in.

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  13. My favorite is reserve harem + romance + fantasy
    LOL, I know most people hate it, but I like love triangles. I’m also a big fan of fantasy and romance! To me, it’s my favorite combination, with a dash of action.

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  14. We almost have the same LIKES and DISLIKES. What I hate most is Harem + Ecchi where there is a bevy of big busted slutty girls all trying to get in the main guy’s pants…. and succeeding. And I hate it even more when that guy has a girl that he actually likes..

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  15. While I definitely like psychological and horror anime, there isn’t really a genre that I wouldn’t watch anything from. That said, I tend to avoid harem and ecchi, as well as slice of life or straight comedies. While there are som great anime in all of these genres, for the most part I just don’t enjoy them so they aren’t my first picks.

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  16. I don’t really have genres I dislike, I can’t imagine watching anything yaoi but overall I think all genres have good animes. My favorite genres would be fantasy, horror, sci-fi, slice of life, comedy and romance. I don’t mind harem, I really liked Rosario + Vampire and Kampfer. I also don’t mind fan service heavy animes like High School of the Dead but I hated Queen’s Blade and Seikon no Qwaser. If I had to pick one favourite genre it would probably be horror. Second favourite maybe comedy. ^_^

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