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Yes, you have read it correctly. Fresno City College in California will be offering Pokemon Go as a college course. It will be four days a week and it will be considered a P.E class (physical education). 

Pokemon go is a game that is for fitness as well as fun. I already walk a lot because I’m from New York. But those who do not walk often is now in the motion due to this game.
My thoughts about it being a class, I think the school is just trying to get more money from Students. I don’t see the point in having this as a credit on your transcript. 
What is the world coming too? 😐😐
Now college courses in Anime is perfect! I will Ace that haha. 


      1. I agree with you. In college I took a Japanese Cinema class that was pretty fascinating. Though I haven’t really found a need to apply it when it comes to a career, it makes for an interesting topic of conversation at times.

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