LISTEN UP ANIME LOVERS!!! Our dreams may come true! It is a possibility 😀😀😀😀

Tokyo’s new governor Yuriko Koike who is the first female governor in Tokyo’s history made a comment during her campaign that she wants to turn Tokyo into Anime Land.

She is also a cosplayer. Below is her Cosplaying Sally the witch. She wants to cosplay as princess knight next. So cool.

Omg I wish New York had city officials who loved anime. New York would be awesome if it was turned into anime land. Hahah

Now, let’s look at this in a realistic view, Yuriko-San is in a powerful position, so she can present this idea/bill to parliament. They can either approve because it will probably boost their tourism. Or they can decline it because they want to be taken seriously.


All I can say is I should start a petition to make this happen. I’ll be in Japan the end of October and I will start one. Hahahah


Let’s cross our fingers😀😀😀

35 thoughts on “TOKYO JAPAN TURNED INTO ANIME LAND??? ðŸ˜±ðŸ˜±

  1. Matthew

    This is pretty awesome news. I would love to go to Tokyo and visit Anime Lan XD. What a time to be alive. I would be surprised to see there was one here in the United States but the chances are slim.

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  2. theflightlessbirds

    I don’t think it’ll be a bad idea because like you said, it’ll boost their tourism and therefore economy. As for Japan being taken seriously… they already have some wacky stuff that are real strange so I hope Anime Land is nothing weird. It should be embraced since it’s basically their culture and what they’re known for… I guess? XD

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      1. Anime_Girls_NYC Post author

        Not only anime stuff, but I always love the Japanese culture. I’m going to go to many shrines and temples. Plus see some shows. Then it’s Halloween when I’m out there so I’ll be partying a lot


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