I’ve posted this battle on many social media sites. I’ve gotten different answers. One group sometimes comes out on top than the other. So who do you think will win in the gaming world???

Let’s look at the odds Sora and Shiro a brother and sister duo known in the gaming world as Blank are undefeated. Then Kirito and Asuna who are husband and wife in the gaming world are a deadly duo once they get to battle.

So who do you think will win in the gaming world if they battled each other?


  1. I will bet my life on Sword Art Online! Kirito-sama! Asuna-sama!

    But on a more serious note, I have to say that’s like comparing refrigerators and microwave ovens. I mean, they don’t really fight for real in No Game No Life. The system used there is not really for combat, right?

    So it would be a question of who ended up in whose world. If Kirito and Asuna ended up in the No Game No Life world, their formidable stats would be next to useless even if they could retain them all. The gods of that world forbid physical violence, right?

    And if the siblings from No Game No Life went to SAO, what could they do? They don’t really train physical stats in No Game No Life, right? So all they have going for them would be a gamer’s cunning and experience. But their stats would probably be at the low-level NPC level.

    So yeah, comparing refrigerators and microwave ovens.


  2. I think it depends on the game. If it’s a more intellectual game, Sora and Shiro will probably win.

    If it’s a VR MMORPG, I want to say that Kirito and Asuna would triumph. However, Sora and Shiro were also shown to be good enough at MMORPGs to control multiple characters in episode one, so they may be able to win through numbers if the two teams weren’t battling in a VR type of MMORPG.

    If it’s a game that involves both intellect and reflexes (I don’t know, like a FPS or something), it also depends. If the game’s physics engine allows for trick shots to bounce off walls, Sora and Shiro have an advantage. If players are allowed to just charge with melee weapons, Kirito’s reflexes will probably overwhelm Sora and Shiro.

    I don’t know, I just woke up. It’s an interesting question.

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    1. I have to agree. If it’s a sword fight, Kirito and Asuna won’t be beaten. Anything else, I’d probably have to go for Sora and Shiro. Then again, Kirito kind of has that never give up until you win mentality so maybe it would be like when Sora fought Shiro and the whole thing would just end in an endless draw?

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