Your Lie in April (Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso) follows Kōsei a child piano prodigy. Due to his mother cruel training he was able to play the piano emotionlessly. He is know in the music world as a “Human Metronome” because of his precision of playing a score. After his mother’s death he has a psychological trauma where he was unable to hear the notes from the piano. For two years he stayed away form the piano. One day he meets a free spirited Violinist named Kaori who convinces him to get back into playing the piano as her accompanist in the competition. Her passionate and non-traditional playing style mixed with Kōsei’s precise playing style creates beautiful music. She then convinces him to compete in the piano competition. As she helps him through his traumatic process he then realizes he is falling in love with her.




Kōsei is a piano prodigy. He won many competitions as a child due to his mother’s cruel training he was able to play the piano emotionlessly. The music world call him a “Human Metronome” because he can play any score down to a T. After his mother’s death he stopped playing the piano. He had a psychological trauma which he couldn’t hear the piano notes anymore. For two years he stayed away from the piano until he is convinced by Kaori a violinist to become her accompanist. She then convinces him to compete in the piano competition. He begins to fall in love with Kaori but stays away because she is dating his best friend Ryōta.



Kaori is a violinist who plays very passionately and doesn’t follow the score. She is criticized by the judges but is loved by the audience. She is Tsubaki’s classmate and becomes friends with Kōsei and Ryōta through her. She begins to date Ryōta. She convinces Kōsei to play the piano again as her accompanist. Then has him compete in the piano competition.



Tsubaki is a childhood friend and next door neighbor to Kōsei. She treats him like her little brother. She is part of the softball club at her school. After Kōsei’s mother’s death she was unhappy to see him fall into a depression. She tried everything she could to have him play the piano again. But he always refuses. Later in the series we see her feelings change towards Kōsei. She struggles with the new love for him and confesses her love to him.



Ryōta is a childhood friend of Kōsei. He always gives him great advice. Ryōta is the captain of his school’s soccer team. He is very popular with the ladies. He begins to date Kaori who is his first love interest. Kōsei becomes jealous but still supports their relationship.



Takeshi is a fellow pianist the same age as Kōsei. He competed in many competitions as a kid against Kōsei and always lost to him. His goal in life as he grew up was to beat Kōsei in a competition. Takeshi would turn down many competitions in Europe just to compete against Kōsei in the local ones. Kōsei was always his hero.



Emi is a fellow pianist who begin to play when she was young. She saw Kōsei play at a competition and knew right then and there she wants to play the piano. Her goal throughout the anime is to be at Kōsei’s level. She trained drastically just to compete against Kōsei.



I’ve seen many blogs write reviews about this anime. Not one has had any negative thing to say about this.

This is probably THE MOST BEAUTIFUL ANIME EVER. From the music, to the storyline to the characters. Nothing went wrong in this anime. Watching this anime made me feel like I was watching real life people.

Watching Kōsei deal with his mother’s death was so emotional. You felt for him. You see the anguish he goes through. You are rooting for him to overcome his trauma he has with playing the piano. The struggle he incurs while trying to play the piano and hear the notes makes you want to cry.   You want him to become the prodigy again. Then the love he has for Kaori is so genuine you really want them to be together.

Kaori’s free spirited attitude made you want to be her friend. How caring and sweet she was made you like her even more. You will like that she pushed Kōsei to overcome his fear to play the piano. When she plays her violin in her rebellious way made you feel the music even more. Her every movement. Her and Kōsei as partners was just simply amazing.

The music alone was just beautiful. You do not have to like classical music to love this anime. You are entrapped in the melodies that are played.

The ending is probably the most saddest thing in anime. I will not spoil it but you must watch to understand.

So, I leave you with this, Your Lie in April is an anime must watch. You can not go wrong with this show.


Thanks for reading.


  1. I really enjoyed this anime. I do feel that some of the side-characters needed more screen time and a bit more depth but the relationship between the two main characters was just so beautiful as she helped him move forward.

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  2. This was such a great anime! It did explore a lot of cool themes and taught what true love really is. I know that it impacted me deeply and I will be putting into practice some of the fundamentals of Kaori and Kousei’s relationship for when I start dating.

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  3. I would love to say that I loved this anime but I can’t because I shipped Kousei and Tsubaki but as you can see, that SHIP NEVER SAILED </3

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      1. That’s what I remember thinking about when I was watching it. IDK, it’s been a while since I’ve seen it and I wouldn’t watch it again to relive all the feels.

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