Anime: No Game No Life Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Ecchi, Supernatural, Comedy, Game Rating: 8/10

It was just announced that the anime Series No Game No Life will be adapted into an anime movie. This series was very poplar is 2014. No release date yet.

No Game No Life is based on a sibling duo Sora and Shiro who are know as Hikikomori. They do not leave their house because they are spending their entire day playing games. They are known in the online gaming world as Blank an undefeated group of gamers. One day they are challenged to a chess game. Little do they know they are challenged by Tet, a God from another world. Tet offers them to live in his world which centers around gaming. They accept thinking its a jokes and are transported into this new world. There we watch Sora and Shiro take on this new world of gaming.

I am kind of happy to hear some news about this show. This show was on my list of anime that need a second season. I needed to know if they win the big chess game they were in the middle of battling. So many other questions left unanswered. I wonder if they will do a new story or if they will continue from the anime.

I am happy that it’s an anime movie not a live action ugh 😜


  1. Just like everyone else, I wish a second season came out for this. Who knows, maybe it’ll happen after the movie. Nonetheless, I am happy to see this! My ideal scenario is that this is a sequel to the 1st season and had to make it a movie because they couldn’t make a 2nd season for some reason and end up making another season that is a sequel to the movie. In other words, a 3rd season? xD I am so excited!

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  2. The Alice in the Country of Clover: Knight’s Knowledge manga I was just reading had a preview of the NGNL manga. I have also watched all the of the NGNL anime episodes. Nice, but the story just cuts off in the middle of things. I hope it gets 3 more seasons!

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  3. I apologize in advance if I am getting this wrong… But I heard that the No Game No Life series ran into some trouble over copyrights issues? Apparently they were planning a second season but the copyrights thing stopped that.

    Can anyone confirm that rumor?

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  4. It’s hard to believe a movie will actually help. Even if it continues from the anime there was so much more in this story that needed to be explored and there is no way a movie can do that. If it starts over then there is definitely no chance it will finish the story in a satisfying way.
    Despite that, I still want to see what they do because it’s No Game No Life.

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  5. i have not seen no game no life ( probably because there are many other animes i need to watch), but i think making a movie is really pushing the limits for the anime. this idea seems possible, but must be done perfectly

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