I am not going to lie. If I didn’t have to work I would be playing this all day. I am so excited that my childhood cartoon is now real for us. This is probably the best thing ever. So I literally just downloaded this on Monday.

I do not know why it took me that long to download. But I’m happy I did. I’m not a gamer because I don’t have time but this app is very convenient for me. I got my whole office playing the game. We are all wondering around the office catching Pokemon. Hahaha it’s so funny to see.

(This is my character. Yes he is a boy. They are cooler looking lol)

Living in New York City is like the Mecca of Pokestops. A Mecca of so many Pokemon. Now the only problem is there are too many people. I ran into a lady because I was trying to catch a Abra. Then going to work another day I almost ran into a parked car because I needed to catch Evee. My favorite is when the janitor in my office building was looking at me like I’m crazy because I was fighting with  Golbat. It was a good fight but I prevailed. 💪

Yesterday, I went to Bryant Park with my best friend and there were so many people hanging out there playing Pokemon go. I just learned how to fight at the gym. Many of us were walking around the park finding new Pokemon. Others were hanging in the gym area battling. It felt like the Otaku nation was rising.

The only cons of this game are the freezing all the time and is it me or are there way too many Zubats. I heard people complaining about those. Then, talk about battery power being used. Even with the battery saver on. Ugh

Again I just downloaded the game so I don’t have that many Pokemon. Only 73 ugh. But best believe it’s not over yet.
I need to find my favorite Pokemon jiggly puff. 😊
Please tell me your experiences with Pokemon go? Also which Pokemon were you happy to find and which one you want to find?


  1. Pokemon Go has not been officially released in my country, Therefore I still haven’t played it despite so many people play it in my country by downloading unofficial APK.
    Anyway, have you find any cheater that manipulate the GPS on the phone to trick the game? I found them really annoying and ruin the purpose of the game itself. 😦

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  2. Too many Zubats? That reminds me of going into caves in the original game haha. I don’t have a mobile, but I have seen the game in action as my friend was playing it at the bar. Someone had dropped a lure there so he caught a lot of stuff whilst getting drunk.

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  3. Ahhh man, I want to visit NYC one day!! Back to the question at hand, I’m one of those few people who don’t play the game. Don’t get me wrong, I love Pokemon and I downloaded the game when it first came out in my country but… I kind of lost interest in it after a while…. I blame my short attention span though.

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