I’ve always thought about this question, if I was given a chance to spend a day with any anime character who would it be? Well there are soooo many characters in anime to choose from. It’s hard to narrow it down. But I did. It was extremely hard but I figured it out.

The character I will like to spend a day with is Izaya Orihara from Durarara.


Izaya is one of the main antagonists in Durarara. He is a skilled and very powerful underground information broker. He has information on everyone in the city of Ikebukuro. He can manipulate people to do what he wants and he gets enjoyment out of it, especially when it causes conflicts. He claims he loves the human race. The only person he does not like is Shizuo Heiwajima. Throughout the series you see one of the greatest rivalries in anime between Izaya and Shizuo. Izaya would start fights with Shiuzo to get him riled up.
The reason why I would love to spend a day with Izaya is because I will like to use him to get information on the people of New York City. I want to manipulate everyone to do what I want. Hahahah (evil laugh) I feel like I have some similarities to Izaya at least to picking a fight with someone. My sister is Shizuo and I am Izaya, it’s so funny.

Besides those reasons, I think he is such a unique and interesting person. I like how observant he is of the human race. I like how he can put someone in a situation to see how they will react. I guess you can say it’s a psychological and maybe philosophical reason why I will like to hang with him.

I can’t knock that he is good looking as well. I love his smirk. 😏


My other choices were
1. L – Death Note
2. Esdeath – Akame Ga Kill
3. Kakashi – Naruto

Which anime character will you like to spend a day with?


  1. Black Jack! Really like to see how he would accept or refuse a job with his cold attitude! Hopefully he accepts so I could see one of his miraculous surgeries (hopefully I can withstand it lol)

    Second would be Gilgamesh from Fate series XD

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  2. Most of my favorite characters would be absolute pains to realistically spend time with in real life… (You could say they’re more fun “on the page/screen”.) So I’d probably go with Kusanagi Izumo from K Project. Seems like he’d be a nice person to have a conversation with. ^_^

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  3. Female character

    Saber (Fate series) she is so cute, especially in carnival phantasm, and I love her bride with ahoge hairstyle.

    My runner up
    – eriri (saekano) i love her tsundere character
    – tohka (date a live) she is so cute xD
    – tomori (charlotte) i love her,with her casual outfit,beautiful
    – chitoge (nisekoi) hail #teamchitoge!! xD

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  4. The first person that came to mind was Dazai from Bungou. Probs because I just finished watching it so naturally he was the first person to come to my mind. I think hanging out with the HQ Captains would be fun and interesting, esp Bokuto and Kuroo. I also saw someone comment Yato and that would be one hell of a crazy ride or day with him!

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  5. My first thought was also Mugen but I’d probably get my butt kicked in whatever fight he ends up starting. So I’ll go with Nanami from Kamisama Kiss because, let’s face it, she needs some female friends. And we can both fangirl over Tomoe. πŸ˜‰

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  6. I won’t lie to you. This was a very, very hard question to answer. Finally, I decided I would like to send the day with Sebastian Michaelis, our favorite, sexy, demon butler. I feel like I can learn a lot from Sebastian, and hopefully, I would become a better cook. Not just cooking, but I could learn sewing, singing, acting, and all kinds of things. And let’s not forget, I would have so many questions about what the demon world is like O_O

    My runner ups are:
    Levi Ackerman
    Saito Hajime
    Atemu (Yugioh)

    You always have the best questions!!!

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  7. It doesn’t have to be a male, right ? I’d love to hang out with Balsa, the main in Moribito, one of my all time fav anime. Maybe I’d invite the main of Full Metal Alchemist ( can’t remember the name at the moment. )


  8. That’s a really hard question to answer. I’d probably end up choosing Yato from Noragami but I would also really love to spend a day with Hei from Darker Than Black or Zen from Snow White with the Red Hair.

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