I know I am late and you have seen this past week all the good and bad news in anime. While one comes to an end and two more are finally confirmed for another season, I am super happy and yet sad.




Attack on Titan is finally confirmed for a second season for spring 2017. I am like FINALLLYYYY. I mean goodness it was supposed to come out this year and then It was pushed back so many times. But now it is set. I swear if they push it back again I will go to Japan and put it out myself.
I’ve been reading the manga but I am ready to see it out into action. (But not live action, please no) I can’t wait to see the promo for this.




Blue Exorcist was confirmed for another season for 2017. This is one of the anime I’ve always said needs another season. There were some questions left unanswered, like what will happen to Yukio with his new found demon powers, will Rin defeat Satan and etc. (no more spoilers) I can not wait for all the promotional things they will put out.



It was announced that Bleach will be coming to an end after 15 years on air and 74 volumes it is officially done. This is sad news. I mean I grew up watching Bleach. It has a special place in my heart. 😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 it’s so hard to say goodbye.
Well I just wanted to vent my happiness and sadness.

Hope you enjoyed

43 thoughts on “ANIME NEWS

  1. I’m not particularly interested in Blue Exorcist. However, I am patiently waiting to delve into the story of AoT. I really wish they’d start out putting Bleach episodes now that it’s ending…

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  2. Another season of Attack On Titan finally but its too late I’ve picked up reading the manga again. I kept waiting and waiting Its been like four years why so long. Will watch the second season but right now I’m on a binge to catch up to where its currently at. As for bleach its sad to see it go but seriously having followed the manga for so long after the anime i think kubo has trapped himself in a corner story wise. The villain is so freaking OP like I really want to see how the villain will be defeated and hopefully it makes sense to laws of world the story is set in. Regarding blue exorcist I enjoyed the anime but didnt like how some of the manga was cut out. Hopefully this second season won’t have filler and not cut out as much stuff.

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    1. I did the same with Attack on Titan. I was reading the manga because I couldn’t wait anymore. Bleach a lot of are wondering how Kubo will end it. Hopefully it ends we a great bang! Last I have heard that blue exorcist left out a lot from the manga. I haven’t read the manga yet.

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      1. Ya they did cut out stuff from the manga. I didn’t realize either until I actually read some of the manga. I here this second season though will adapt directly from the king arc which is from the manga.

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  3. I am so excited for the second season of AoT. I don’t follow the manga as I’ve been waiting (endlessly, it seems) for the second season and it’s finally coming out, yay! (They’d better not delay it again, oh my T.T)

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  4. All good things must come to an end – farewell Bleach. Good to hear that Attack on Titan finally has a date. It was hugely popular years ago, but I wonder if the casual fans who watched the series will still be interested in it after all this time.

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  5. I’m so excited for AoT and Blue Exorcist!!!!!!! You should check out the movie for Blue Exorcist if you just need a little more of it in your life.

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  6. Excellent. ^_^ I was disappointed by how few episodes Blue Exorcist had. It felt way too short. Didn’t Bleach end a few years ago? With the fullbringer story?

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  7. never seen attack on tita, but my freind has, he is excited for season 2…not really been doing anything anime-wise for a while since SGDQ2016 is live and ive just been chilling out watching it (and ive been sending way too many tweets to the #SGDQ2016 on twiter lol)

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      1. yeah, i dont know very much about it…ok well i know the titans attack these places but thats about it. i also know that the merchandise is not always good, i watched ashens get a blind box of it and then he set the figure on fire…and i don’t recommend watching the video if you are a serious fan of the show


  8. I heard about these news. I am looking forward to both of them. For now, I am looking forward to Bleach. I am wondering how will Tite Kubo end the series. If you have been reading the recent manga chapters, it’s getting intense on the story.

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      1. Funny fact: The English voice actor for both AoT and BE is the same guy who voices the main protagonist Eren and Rin. Bryce Papenbrook did the voices. I like his voice.

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      2. Exactly ^^! To be honest, I found that out because I like watching anime in English Dub XD. I don’t mind Japanese Dub but I am a lazy fan so I prefer not reading. Papenbrook is a great actor. If you get the chance, watch some episodes of them both. The voice of Yukio in Blue Exorcist is Johnny Yong Bosch in English. He also does the voice of the main character Ichigo in Bleach.

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