So it has been confirmed that Tokyo Ghoul will have its own Live action adaption.

Tokyo Ghoul follows a college student Ken Kaneki, who one day goes on a date with a crush (Rize Kamishiro) he saw many times in the coffee shop he often goes to. Little does he know that Rize is a ghoul. She tries to attack Kaneki but is “accidentally” killed by loose construction equipment and Kaneki is in critical condition.

Kaneki is then transferred to a hospital where a doctor takes Rize’s organs and transplants them into his body. After his recovery, Kaneki starts to realize his body and is no loner the same. He comes to a realization that he is now a ghoul.

We begin to see his struggles with being a ghoul and his interactions with other ghouls in town. He begins to work at the coffee shop he goes to often called “Anteiku”. There he works with other ghouls who teach him how to handle the daily struggles of being a ghoul.


Now, there has been many live action announcements lately, but I don’t know how I feel about Tokyo Ghoul having one. I am very much interested in who they will cast for these roles, also will they recreate a new storyline because it is live action and some of the fight scenes are be intense. I do like Tokyo Ghoul the anime and the manga. But live action I guess I have to wait and see.




  1. My main concern is who will be cute enough to play Tsukiyama??!! Mwahaha XD No I hope it will be good, as long as it’s not like the train wreck of Root A *shudders* I love the Manga somuch, it would awesome if they went some where between the Manga and the TG Anime S1.

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  2. This is going to be interesting. I wonder how will they capture the ghoul powers and Kaneki’s transformation. I still haven’t seen the anime and I am barely starting to read the manga. I am also noticing that some series like Fullmetal Alchemist is getting the same treatment too.


  3. RIP tokyo ghoul franchise (even though i have not seen it yet), i bet you the live action adaption is not going to be good at all, others shows (not just anime) have had this incident, scooby doo was ruined because of the live action movie, garfeild got ruined by a live action film and even cat in the hat was ruined by a live action film. so this might be another one of those films where its just cash in the bag for the creators


    1. its probably going to turn out like films such as that new ghostbusters film where the effects look good, bbut compare it to the original, it looks like garbage, so we shall see when it comes out, we should probably compare it to the manga/anime before we say they look good

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    1. i see live action anime adaptions everywhere but i dont bother buying them because it just looks like a co-operative sellout where they dont care about the actual series/fans

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      1. yup, which is why i dont bother with them, because if they just want money, they need to understand what the anime is and all the fans who love the franchise

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