Anime: Naruto Shippuden Genre: Action, Martial Arts, Superpower, Comedy, Shounen


We pretty much all want to live in an anime. I mean if I had a chance to live in an anime or the real world, Duh I would of course pick the anime world. Hahahah

There are soooo many anime to choose from. It is so hard to pick just one. But I did narrow it down to:


I would love to live in Naruto’s anime. I would definitely live in the Hidden Leaf Village. Growing up I always loved the idea of being a ninja. The secretive operations, spying on the Enemy, sneaking into the enemy’s locations, and stealing information. So of course this is the perfect place/anime.


I would attend the Ninja Academy and work on my Chakra and hand seals. I get to use the weapons like the Shuriken and Kunai. I want Kakashi or Pervy Sage to be my sensei. I will start off as a Genin, then become a Chuunin, and skip to Anbu because my skills are like Itachi’s. Hahahah

I would love to go on Ninja missions because the Hokage sent me out. I’ll travel to all the villages with my team. I would be friends with Naruto and Sasuke. Not Sakura. Hahah Now the confusing part, I don’t know how long I will be a good ninja. I may want to join the Akatsuki. I always do like the bad guys. They seem to have more fun and less rules. So why not.


But I would def love to live in Naruto’s anime.

Other potential places are

Sword Art Online – don’t mind living in a game
Soul Eater – I would like to be a Meister

Places I will not want to live

Attack on Titan- I do not like Titans
Akame Ga Kill – cause I will die because everyone else did hahha


  1. Well you took naruto which would be my number one world to live. So I’m going with one piece. I would love to have a devil fruit power and be able to use Haki as well. Visiting all the weird and fantastical islands would be fun. I definetly would be a pirate but more in the vein of luffy. I would only steal from the world nobles because their evil bastards. I would also attempt to destroy the world government because their obviously corrupt and I would help people being terrorized by pirates like don flamingo or black beard and align myself with more honorable ones like white beard. Also I would save ace because no one should die thinking their worthless. Lastly I would challenge the strongest people in one piece and establish myself as the strongest and greatest pirate good bye gold d roger.

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  2. I would like to live in a world like a video game like Sword Art Online. I would like to feel like playing a game where everything felt real haha. A friend of mine told me of another anime called Konosuba where the story takes place in a fantasy world but with video game elements. Overall, I want to live like Sword Art Online or the other anime :).

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  3. GITS world could be fun in some respects but depends who you are – I suppose that applies to a lot of them actually. Vampire animes are cool if you’re the vampire, sometimes not even then, haha. To be honest a lot of my fave animes are set in worlds in which I would NOT want to live, e.g. Attack on Titan or Psycho-Pass as mentioned above. But it’s cool to watch the characters having to live there.


  4. I would love to me in HUNTER x HUNTER world. Having Nen sounds awesome & taking that Hunter exam & then deciding to be what kind of hunter I want to be sounds so much fun! Naruto’s world is cool, too, but I prefer becoming a hunter than a ninja. On a lesser degree, I aslo would like to be a pirate in the world of my favourite series ONE PIECE. However, I’m not too fond sailing on a ship for an extended period of time.

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    1. Being a hunter does seem real cool. I’m watching Hunter x Hunter now. I would be the new killua. One piece is Funny but I couldn’t be a pirate because it’s so dirty k those boats hahha


    1. Black butler I would be there just so I can marry Sebastian. Omg I couldn’t live in attack on Titan. There are way too may Titans. I would love to be Mikasa but that world is so sad 😒😒


  5. Konoha is, of course, the number 1 choice! πŸ˜€
    Hmm, trying to figure out an anime world that would not pose too much threat to regular citizens but would still be fantastic to be part of… oh! Pokemon for sure! πŸ˜€
    Non-anime, but an animated show – Avatar is my favourite choice! πŸ™‚

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  6. oh man, if i could live in maid sama world, i could so then i could have a go at everyone at tell them how bad their show is, it would be heaven for me πŸ™‚

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