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I do not know if I am like the only person super excited for the new D Gray Man! I liked this series when it was released in 2008. Now they revamped this new series and the visuals are amazing.

Just yesterday they announced the release date and it’s going to be July 4, 2016. Hmm so now I have to change my Independence Day plans now. This is show TOP PRIORITY!!

D Gray Man follows a boy named Allen Walker (super hot) who is an exorcist. He is part of an organization of exorcists that use a substance called innocence to fight an army of Akuma ruined by Millennium Earl.
Here is a trailer I found online. ENJOY!!! 😈😈😈😈😈


  1. It’s been so long since I watched the original and I only got to episode 50. I want to watch this but I have so much catching up to do lol. I might just catch up before the simuldub is released.

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