As you can tell by the title (Big Spoilers) so proceed with caution. I don’t know if it’s me or are the writers of these stories out to break our hearts on purpose. I hate when I connect with a character and then they are taken away. There are soooo many deaths in anime, but these are the ones that really caught me off guard.


I knew it was a cat and dog chase. L was so smart and savvy I swore he was going to last until the end and solve the case. But nooooo they decided to take away my precious L. When you hear his last heart beat and then he drops his spoon and falls out the chair. The music made it more intense. I was dying on the inside for like a month.



I knew that Light was going to get caught, but I didn’t expect him to die. I thought they would lock him up in a special prison for psycho paths. When he was shot up in the warehouse I think I felt the pain. Hahah Then when he was able to escape the warehouse I thought maybe there is hope. Then Ryuk decides to write Light’s name in the notebook, I literally cried my eyes out.


Your Lie in April was probably the most beautiful anime I’ve ever watched. The music was beautiful. The relationship between Kōsei and Kaori was amazing. I just didn’t expect her to have a disease that was not curable. At the end when he read the …😭😭😭 letter I’m sorry I’m upset now, it was so heartbreaking. Then that scene of him playing the piano and she was there in spirit playing the violin I was drenched in tears.



Where do I begin. I mean I knew Sasuke had a obsession for killing his brother. But dammit why Itachi. When itachi was coughing up so much blood and kept walking towards sasuke I didn’t know what to think. Then he collapsed and then I collapsed. Hahha (so dramatic of me) they could have saved his character. There could have been so much to do with him.


PERVY Sage was such a character to remember. He was so funny and perverted you can’t help but love him. When he fought Nagato (Pain) that battle was intense. Why did Nagato crush his throat and had the nerve to kill him. I think I cried more when Pervy Sage mustered up enough strength to send a coded message.


Hughes was such a funny and yet serious character. It was so funny when he always talked about his daughter and showed her pictures. Such a loving dad. When that episode came and he discovers a secret within the military, he decides to report it. He is taken from us too soon. Envy is such a bitch! Never liked her/him haha. I don’t think I can look at telephone booth the same anymore. I will just keep thinking of Hughes.



I know he planned his death but come on, it still hurts to see him go. I loved his character and the power he had. The two lives he portrayed/ lived. I was literally upset for a bit. I wanted him to cont use living as zero.



I put them together because their deaths came as a huge surprise. Also, they died pretty much the same time. I was so pissed off that twelve was shot from behind by the police. He was a kid. They didn’t know the story of why he did what he did. Then nine died from the experiments he went through as a kid. I cried so hard because I thought it was so unfair.



I like Annie Leonhardt because she is a tough chick, but when she was the female Titan and killed Petra I wanted to beat the crap out of Annie. Petra was the sweetest person ever. She did nothing wrong. She was kind to everyone. Why did she have to die? 😭😭😭😭 Levi was soooo angry he went off on Female Titan Annie. I really cried because I swear I didn’t see Petra’s death coming at all.



Where do I begin with this show? I mean really! This show knew how to mess with a person’s heart. Just when I was getting to know a character they took them away with a blink of an eye. Like seriously. First Sheele, then Bulat, Chelsea, Lubbock, Mine, Tatsumi and Leone. Also, Esdeath, I know she was a villain but she was my favorite character. I never saw a show that killed more than half their main characters. I think after every episode I was holding my heart. I didn’t know how to react.

So those are the deaths that affected me in many ways.



  1. KAORIIIIIIIIIIIII. I CRIED SO HARD WHEN SHE DIED. I also cried when Zabuza from Naruto died, but I’ve heard he didn’t actually die, so maybe there’s still hope… AND LELOUCH. I actually never finished Code Geass (shame on me, I really need to), but my brother told me Lelouch died, and I was like β€œWhaaaat?!”.

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  2. Nicholas D Wolfwood πŸ˜₯ Him Itachi and L were devastating for me

    After you find all that Itachi had to sacrifice and all that he had suffered through, i crie evritym

    L after he specifically tells Light that he might just the first person L ever considered as a friend

    Shirley from Code Geass , damn you Rolo!! actually almost all the deaths in code geass were very emotional

    And Lt colonel Maes Hughes , nope, nope , nope….Just nope.

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  3. A couple immediately come to mind

    L in deathnote- This was a heart breaker, literally yelled no repeatedly at the screen when he died, and then during the next episode it felt so empty without him being there

    Wolfwood in Trigun-HIs speech right before he died hit me right in the chest

    Kamina in Gurren Lagann- He went out with a bang, but when he died it was like watching your big brother pass away, felt pretty bad for simon when he died

    and I agree about 12 and 9 from terron in resonance, that one caught me so off guard. And it sucked because right before they died it kinda felt like they were finally finding some kind of peace with life, and the way they died was just brutal

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    1. Great choices. Yeah when L died I didn’t know what to do. I felt like Someone was mad at us anime fans. Hahhaa

      And yes with 9 and 12 I thought they will get away and live a peaceful like but nope they took them away from me.


  4. I couldn’t agree more about Kaori. That final performance seriously got to me, and then Kousei reading the letter got to me even more. It was so sad, yet so beautiful…
    Another death that affected me was Father Fujimoto’s at the beginning of Blue Excorcist. Even though it was early in the show, I thought he was a really cool character, and the way he died was really sad to me. Plastic Memories also has a death in it that seriously made me cry, almost as much as April’s did….

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  5. #Spoiler# Kaoru’s fake death in ruronin kenshi, it was later revealed after a few chapters that she was still alive somewhere (and thank God she was,she got married to kenshi and they all lived happily after after)


  6. I didn’t have much sympathy for Itachi.
    Jiraiya made everyone sad because it was probably the first time Naruto had to deal with a mourning process and the feeling of “not bringing anyone back”.

    Hughes hit me hard, particularly funeral scene.

    There’s deaths in MAcross F and PSYCHO PASS but I won’t comment. Also, Ronja Bandit Girl. While predictable, it has to all do with how it works out with the cast.

    Cried in a little in SAILOR MOON CRYSTAL…

    I’ll have to contemplate this more. I think everyone cried more for Lelouch’s sister, then Lelouch? Poor baby.

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    1. Aww you didn’t have sympathy for itachi. I was dying for days. Psycho pass did have some moments. I felt bad for lelouch sister but I guess cause I connected to him more I felt worse for him.


      1. It’d make more sense if, alone, he felt guilt from following the special forces’s order to kill everybody. But afterward, he tormented his brother and wanted his sharingan.

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  7. Aaaaaaaah, great list. Makes me teary-eyed jus thinking about their deaths. As for me, Ace’s death from ONe PIECE still affects me to this day whenever I watch/read the series. I would also like to add Gin’s death from the anime film “Hotarubi no Mori e”. It’s not the typical death, more like a ceasing of existence. Made me sob like a baby. Anyway, great topic.

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      1. Ooooh, I do hope that you get the chance to watch that part of ONE PIECE. It was more than heart-breaking. It actually depressed me so much that I couldn’t watch any anime for a week or so. Not knowing that he was going to die was worse, in my experience. It was a total shock to me. I don’t understand how other fans have predicted that he was going to die. Oh well. Anyway, great list. Thanks for giving me the chance to babble about Ace and my love for ONE PIECE and and and. . .

        . . .and I’ll really shut up now. Take care. Cheers!

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    1. i understand your point, trying to carry on a show or a film when one of the main character has died, but some shows/films can do it, in the film psycho (yeah i know its not an anime, this is just an example) the main character had died at the beginning of the film but the rest of the film was successful without the main character involved

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      1. I tried watching the second season but it just didnt interest me as much. I did hear it was good though. I might give it a second chance one of these days.

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  8. i thought Tatsumi wouldn’t die in akame ga kill! , i mean, the anime (most of the time) took from his perspective. But yeah, it’s “Akame” ga Kill!

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  9. All I mentioned moved a lot, but missed some as EElfen Lied (it is a classic anime, but also moves its end), Plastic Memories (in this anime the end was obvious, but the death of some characters is painful because you warm up much with them)—I recommend that you see these animes! πŸ™‚ if you want to mourn πŸ˜₯ x’D

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  10. OMG! I felt the same about Akame ga Kill! LIKE WHY MUST YOU MAKE US LIKE THESE CHARACTERS AND THEN KILL THEM IN A BLINK OF AN EYE??? I can’t even bring myself to watch the anime again even though it is really good because the deaths just hurt me. Surprisingly enough, I don’t think I cried watching Your Lie in April… and I cry easily at a lot of things. I think it’s because the characters that I shipped didn’t sail so I wasn’t as sad about Miyazono’s death as everyone else…

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  11. L’s death in Death Note upset me so badly that I completely quit reading it because of it. Wouldn’t go near the anime or live action when those were released either. I felt like without the rivalry between Light and L there was no story, it was my favorite part. Usually when a character dies I’ll have good cry and continue on with a series. Not that one. Nope.

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    1. I was on the brink of giving up on the series after he died. But I had to wait a week to finish the rest. So many people told me the same thing that they stopped watching the series after he died. Or they stopped reading the manga after he died.

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