The episode opens with a mysterious girl on the street by herself dressed in a red kimono. There is also a phone that keeps on ringing, but no one is answering. We see the girl walking up to Dazai and grabs his arm. Dazai is confused as to why she approaches him. The girl opens the phone that was ringing the whole time then there is a ray of purple light that surrounds the two of them.

The next day at the agency’s headquarters the group mentions that Dazai is missing. They come up with different excuses but do not find the situation to be dire. We then see Tanizaki is healed from his previous encounter with the port Mafia. He tells us of his ordeal with Dr. Yosano healing him. Then approaches Dr. Yosano looking for someone to go shopping with her. Everyone left the room except Atsushi

Dr. Yosano and Atsushi are shopping when the mysterious girl with the red kimono passes them. Atsushi and the girl both look back at each other. Because of this encounter Atsushi runs into a man on the street. The man becomes upset and Dr. Yosano tries to calm the situation. Unfortunately, the guy was still upset and didn’t understand the situation he was about to get into. He gets beaten up by the Dr.

After Dr. Yosano beats up the guy, her and Atsushi are on the subway train coming back from shopping. Their train has been hijacked and has bombs on it. The target is Atsushi. They come to realize they have to fight the hijackers to save the innocent passengers on the train. Dr. Yosano heads toward the front of the train and comes face to face with Kajii Motojirou a member of the Port Mafia. His ability is lemon bombs. They begin to fight and Kajii is using his bombs to the fullest injuring the Dr.

Atsushi heads to the rear of the train and he comes face to face with the mysterious girl in the red kimono. We find out her name is Izumi Kyouka and her ability is Demon Snow and she is an assassin for the Port Mafia. She receives a phone call from a man ordering her to kill anyone that tries to stop the bombs. Her and Atsushi begin to fight. He knows he has to save the passengers on the train. He then uses his tiger ability to defend himself. He finally gets Kyouka in a position where she is defeated.

We come back to Dr. Yosano’s fight, where you think she is dead but to come back fully healed and to beat the heck out of Kajii. We find out her ability is thou shall not die. Where she can heal anyone that has life threatening injuries. She defeats Kajii. She speaks on the train’s loud speaker and tell Atsushi that the bomb has a remote control that can stop it.


Kyouka opens her kimono to show that she is wearing the bomb. Atsushi is upset that Kyouka has no feelings when she speaks and tries to help her. He takes the remote control and stops the bomb. Kyouka receives a phone call telling her the bomb will still go off. We then see Kyouka become filled with emotions saying she doesn’t want to kill anyone anymore. She then Jumps out the train and Atsushi jumps out to save her. He rips the bomb off her and it explodes.
We see them fall into a river. They both come out and Kyouka look at Atsushi with so much emotion.

The last scene of the episode we see who was on the other line of the phone and we also see Dazai hanging from chains.

This episode was a little different for me. I think they could have did better with the plot to get Atsushi. How did they know he was going to be on that train? Kyouka I feel they should have kept her character the mysterious assassin. That part could have been a major role in the show.
I am upset they took Dazai ugh he is my favorite. There were still some funny parts. I grew to love Dr. Yosano because I like crazy characters and she reminds me of a female version of Dr Stein from Soul Eater.


  1. We’re 2/3 of the way through the series, and yet I feel like I know little about the plot. Given that there is going to be a Season 2, I suppose many things haven’t been introduced or resolved yet, but still. I’m also tired of seeing that same flashback scene almost every episode.

    That being said, I think it’s interesting that the MC’s power is to transform into a tiger, since it’s essentially the opposite of his usual lack of self-esteem. He is imbued with a strong desire to save the girl and he does so by using his power, which was nice character development.

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