We all know Fairytail is one of the most popular anime and manga out there. It was just announced that there will be a manga spinoff, Fairytail Gaiden – Raigō Issen. It follows Laxus Dreayar. Kodansha’s Magazine pocket app launched the first chapter already. I’m not a big fan of fairytail but I did like Laxus.

I guess that is the thing to do when you have a successful thing going, make spinoff shows and mangas and make more money off of that. If Naruto does it why can’t Fairytail. Hahaha
I will read it and see if it is good.

What do you think about there being a spinoff?



  1. I’m super pumped actually! I’m a huge Fairy Tail fan and Laxus is one of my favorite characters on the show. I’m wondering how this spinoff will work? Will it be him growing up? Him when he wasn’t in the guild? Do you happen to have any info yet?

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  2. I’ve enjoyed the Fairy Tail anime so far, and i’m hoping we’ll get some new episodes to watch before too long. I might give this spin-off a try to fill the gap while I wait!

    The Fairy Tail: Zero arc was one of my favorites up to now; I love Mavis to bits, and I thought it was nice that they actually showed us her story and how Fairy Tail was founded. Here’s to watching Natsu and friends bringing the guild back together in the future!

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      1. Ya I’ve seen Naruto and it’s pretty good for the first 100 or so eps πŸ™‚ I was thinking of trying Fairytail sometime

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