Which would you rather be???


Yes, a random post. I’ve posted this on a few anime forums and on my social media accounts. I loved the response it received.

If you had the choice to be turned into a Vampire, Parasyte, Ghoul or a Titan, which would you rather be turned in to?

Lets remember all of the above didn’t have a choice of becoming what they’ve become! 😢😢😢

As for myself, I rather be a vampire because they are sexy and so sophisticated. At least most of them. Plus they are immortal in some way.

Love to hear what you choose?

63 thoughts on “Which would you rather be???

  1. They all have pro’s and con’s which makes this very interesting. If it means becoming half Parasyte like Shinichi, I think I would prefer that. Although I would love some of my humanity, I’ll gain an ally who would have my survival his number one priority.

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  2. If I had to choose, I would say Ghoul… but I don’t want to eat humans and I don’t want people to hunt me but but they’re pretty powerful and awesome.

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      1. Just remember the hair trick. If the hair is not human, just run! Hahaha. I was going to pick Titan but I don’t want to be like Eren and bite my thumb. It looks painful.

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  3. Vampire, cause drinking blood sounds easier to do than eating human flesh. I mean the texture alone… ugh DX That and I have no desire to turn into a huge steamy giant lol

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  4. Genuinely depends of what rules are being applied to the species. If we look at the shows above, I’d have to go with Parasyte, but definitely one that only had an arm or a leg taken over. Second choice would be vampire.

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  5. Rather be a vampire too because I feel like it’s only the blood running through my veins and not because something has invade my body? Also because of the power and not transforming into something horrible (physically). For power, speed would be good 😀

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