Otaku USA Magazine and Mad Event Entertainment (producers of comic con in Long Beach, CA) hosted the ANIME FAN FEST!! This was their first convention which was sponsored by Bandai Namco. Many fans came out to show off their costumes, attend many panels and just show their love for anime.

Here you see the pictures of the floor for merchandise. I wanted to buy everything. But I took a breather and said no let’s not go crazy.

But I did manage to buy these.


Some interesting panels they had were:


1. The Worst Anime of All Time

This panel was hosted by Mike Toole, a critic and feature writer for Anime News Networks. This panel was packed. Mike showed us many old anime that I can agree were bad. One anime they didn’t even finish coloring the characters. But they had to rush to put it out. Another the transformation of the robots made no functional since. One anime I will name he showed was called chargedman Ken, look for a clip of this anime and I will agree this show was horrible but yet funny because of how horrible it was.

2. A Million Ways to Draw in the West

This panel was hosted by Tommy Yune, President of Animation at Harmony Gold USA, Jason Thompson, Manga editor of Otakus USA and Lizbeth R Jimenez, Published author & Artist of Sacred 13. This panel was very informative for aspiring Manga artist who are looking to make a career of drawing. They show some of their art work as well. Which looked so awesome.


3. Inside The Alchemist Studio – 10 year Anniversary

This was my favorite Panel, they had Vic Mignogna, dubbed voice of Edward Elric, Aaron Dismuke, the original dubbed voice of Alphonse Elric, and Mike McFarland, dubbed voice of Havoc and director of many episodes. This Panel was packed to the fullest. It was just so great to see the people who voices the characters of the anime I’ve been watching for a loooong time. They told us their favorite scenes, favorite seasons, which characters they wish didn’t die and much more, while there we got to see two short clips the cast came up with together called FullMetal Flames and Fullmetal Fantasy.
There were many more panels, such as the Pokemon 20th anniversary, How to Write a Dub, Cosplay 101, Anime Literary Classics and Great Anime We’ll (Probably) Never Get. They had the Hyperbolic Anime Chamber which aired some anime for us to watch Naruto Shippuden, Ojisan and Marshmallow, World Trigger, God Eater and Erased just to name a few. They also had autograph signings from man cosplayers, of course the crew from FullMetal Alchemist and so many more.

The highlight of my day after the Fullmetal Alchemist Panel was the Cosplay Contest. You got to see all the creativity of the cosplayers. Some were eh and many were Wow. Below are some pictures.


Best in Show – Samurai Ninja Star Wars
1st Place – Terra Brandford – Final Fantasy 6
2nd Place – Soul Survivor – Fall Out 4
3rd place – Ciel, Madame Red, Grell, and Elizabeth – Black Butler



At the end of the day I was happy and satisfied. It wasn’t as big as other conventions, but I did like the intimate feel. I met many friends and fellow cosplayers. For a first convention Otaku USAa Magazine did really well. Below are some of my fav cosplayers walking around the floors.


27 thoughts on “ANIME FAN FEST NJ- DAY 2

  1. i love conventions like this, i wish i could see how bad the anime was in person, but i am british 😦 however hyper japan is a british anime convention so i might go there sometime, anyways, im glad you enjoyed it 🙂 i am not a huge fan on buying anime merchandise but i have some funko pops of the black butler series and i have a death note note book.
    (were the items expensive? they probably were)

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      1. yeah, its strange to see that some merchandise is a fortune to buy at conventions but cheap in other places. want an example? have you heard of dorbz? they are like these bowling pins of characters, and they are over £12 in conventions, but what i can do is go to my local comic book store, and they will have dorbz for £5.

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  2. One day I too, shall attend a convention. lol Looks like a great time, but i’m not a big fan of crowded noisy places, so i’ve never actually made the venture. Then again, there’s only one convention every year that I know of in NS.

    Knowing me, i’d be bankrupt by the time I left anyway hahaha.

    Liked by 1 person

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