There are so many popular anime out there that is pretty much mainstream. I.E Attack on Titan, One Piece, Fairytail, Naruto and etc. Then there are some that are not mainstream but have really good storylines, characters, cliffhangers and etc. We all have some anime we like that is not popular amongst anime fans. Below are a few of mine.



Myoujou Academy is a private girls’ boarding school. Class Black has 13 transferred students who are all assassins with one target… Haru Ichinose. If they are successful with assassinating Haru they are granted any wish they desire. All these assassins are all equipped with special skills they’ve learned in the academy. There is one particular assassin Tokaku Azuma who is top of her class. She begins to develop feelings for Haru and begins to protct her from the other assassins on her own.


The reason why I like this anime is because of the challenges Azuma goes through to protect Haru. These girls are always together doing activities but then you have one of the girls plotting to take out Haru during these activities. Azuma is always aware of her surroundings. Each character is unique in their own way. They are extremely crazy, psycho, hilarious and more. The fight scenes are good too. I like the fact that the characters are all female assassins. I wish more people grasp this anime. Give it a try.



Tokyo is hit with many terrorist attacks. The police have no leads on any suspects. All they have are videos that are uploaded on the Internet of two people taunting the police with cryptic clues of their next attacks. Little does the authority know these are two boys named Nine and Twelve who belong to a group called Sphinx. They are out to show the world that they are not safe.
You find out that Nine and Twelve are two boys that were experimented on in a laboratory. They shouldn’t even exist. Their time in this lab is the reason for their madness.

Twelve meets a girl named Lisa who has many problems in her life. Soon she becomes acquainted with Nine and Twelve and her life changes in a flash.

Detective Shinbazaki becomes determined to find these criminals. You watch this series as a cat and dog race as the cops try and solve this crime.


I get this is not the best anime but I really liked it. Many have said the storyline was missing something. I do agree with that. I do wish they went more into their past and their time in the lab and what happened with the experimentations. But other than that I like Nine being a calm character who is extremely smart. I like Twelves child like ways. It plays off well with Nine. I like how the cops try to solve the cryptic clues they receive to know when the next attack will happen. It’s not so bad. The the ending omg many people talk about the ending.



In Ergastulum, a city that is filled with the mafia, hoodlums, prostitutes and dirty cops, you find Nicholas Brown and Warick Arcangelo. They are handymen for both the cops and the Mafia. They save a prostitute named Alex from her crazy pimp. She becomes their assistant for their handyman business. As the series go on you begin to learn that Nicholas Brown is a Twilight, which are humans with super human abilities. He is also deaf but that doesn’t stop him from whooping butt. Warwick has another job as well as a gigolo. You find out more of his past of coming up rich and leaving the good life to do what he wants. Alex their assistant trying to clean her life up and escape her demons of her once crazy pimp who abused her.


Something about this series really grabbed me right away. I wasn’t going to watch it because of the style of drawing but I read nothing but good reviews. So I gave it a try and LOVED it. The background of the two main characters was a great story told. How they met, how they were abused and how they come to what they are now.
The supporting characters are so good as well. I love the other twilights that Nicholas has to fight. The fighting scenes are amazing.
The way they created the city as this low down gritty place felt so real. Overall I do think this anime is underrated.



Aoharu x Kikanjou surrounds Hotaru Tachibana who is president of her high school and is extremely aggressive with her fellow students. She is mistaken for a boy because she pretty much dresses as a boy. One day when coming home she sees a mysterious guy standing near her apartment. The next day her friend comes to her upset because a host tricked her out of her money. Tachibana being who she is goes to the host club to confront the guy. She soon finds out that the host is the mysterious man that was near her apartment which is her neighbor. His name is Masamune Matsuoka.

He challenges Tachibana to a game called survival. This is a shooting game. due to the damage Tachibana caused at the club she must pay her debt. So Matsuoka invites Tachibana to join his team called Toy Gun Gun team to pay off her debt. He is unaware that Tachibana is a female. He introduces Tachibana to Tōru Yukimura his other teammate. He is an manga artist and extremely perverted haha. They form an alliance and begin to train for Survival Games.


I wish they had a game like this where I’m at. They probably do but I haven’t looked hard enough. I like this anime because each of the 3 main characters have a past that they are unable to deal with. They each kind of avoid the problems. The problems they avoid play in to their daily lives. I love psychological situations with characters.
The action is not like omg attack on Titan but it’s good because you want their team to win.
This show also has very funny moments especially with Tachibana’s aggressiveness and Yukimura’s pervertedness. I wish their was a second season because you have so many unaswered questions, like does Matsuoka find out Tachibana is a female? Do they win the Survival games as a team.? So have to watch this.



One day Earth is infested with worm like creatures called Parasytes. They begin to enter through human’s noses and ears and take over their host body. Shinichi a regular 17 year old teen who lives with his parents and one night while he is sleeping a Parasyte tries to take over his body through his ears, but since he was wearing headphones the Parasyte takes over his right hand. Because the Parasyte didn’t take over his brain Shinichi and this Parasyte now named Migi are able to co-exist with their own personalities and minds.
Throughout the season you see Shinichi and Migi’s separate views on many situations. Migi thinks more logically while Shinichi thinks more emotionally. As time goes on you see Shinichi begin to change drastically, he begins to start thinking more logically like Migi. He gains super human strength he didn’t have before. Shinichi and Migi begin to work together to get rid of other Parasytes that are taking over the human race.


I really feel this anime is underrated. I mean the storyline is so amazing. I love how Migi is more logical in many situations that many humans as Shinichi has shown will react emotionally. Who knows if aliens may take over one day and the same thing happens. I also, love when Shinichi goes from being a nerd to being super cool and kind of sexy, when bullies try to pick on him the new Shinichi can kick all their butts. I also, like the weird fight scene of the Parasytes. The human heads become spiral looking creatures and then have sword like hands. So much craziness. But when the series ended I was kind of upset, I felt so connected to this show.




  1. Parasite was awesome, but missed some episodes because of my ex girlfriend’s issues,, (which I won’t go into, heh). That ending though, felt empty. It left me sad. Thanks for adding anime to my “Buy” list! 🙂

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  2. I named Parasyte my fave anime of last year so it isn’t under rated by me. I always thought that Outlaw Star deserved more praise. It’s a fun show, although a lot of people missed it in favour of watching Cowboy Bebop.

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  3. I just finished Parasyte and I enjoyed it. Personally, the English Dub on Toonami was great. As for the question you left, I would say that the anime I think are underrated is Accel World. I still haven’t finished them haha. I feel that Accel World was overshadowed by Sword Art Online.

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      1. Speaking of underrated anime, I saw an anime that is hardly talked about; it’s a ecchi and fantasy anime. It is called Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero. It is licensed by FUNimation so it has a English Dub. I haven’t finished it but I will say that the main character is OP based on what I seen. If fans thought that Kirito from SAO was OP then they never seen Akatsuki Ousawa. XD

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      2. Just to let you know, it is heavily ecchi. There are 12 episodes. I have seen half of the show and I enjoy it so far. The main character is funny and arrogant. He is no push over.

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      3. Besides that, it has some fantasy themes in it. If you like anime with magic, perverted moments, and OP main character, this is for you. The English voice actor for him is Eric Vale; the same guy who did Trunks from DragonBall Z.

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      4. You’re welcome. Once you watch it, you already have Trunks in your head. This guy is super fast like Minato from Naruto. He uses his speed to steal panties XD. If you like it, I would like to know your opinion on it. If you didn’t like it, I wish to hear it. 🙂

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  4. I think Yu-Gi-Oh has been pretty underrated. I understand that it’s finished, but COME ON. That was one of the BEST anime in the history of ever. Except for the 4Kids dub. Thats probably why no one talks about it. -__-

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  5. Tokyo Magnitude 8.0
    Rainbow Nisha
    Eve no Jikan
    Kara no Kyoukai
    Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu
    Silver Spoon
    Haibane Renmei
    Kokoro Connect
    Nodame Cantabile
    Shingeki no Bahamut
    Shinsekai Yori
    Usagi Drop
    Ushio to Tora

    Just to name a few…

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