Anime: Dragon Ball Z Genre: Action, Adventure, Martial Arts, Superpower, Comedy, Shounen Rating: 8.5/10


I love to hear stories of how people got into anime. Some may have stumbled upon it like me. Some may have been told by their friend or sibling. Whatever the story is I will love to hear.

How I got into anime?

One day when I was like 10, I was flipping through the television channels because nothing was on. Now this is before you can go on the Internet and go to whatever anime site. This is before Netflix, Hulu plus and etc.

Suddenly, I stopped on a channel that had a guy with spiky hair in a armored uniform with a tail and another guy who looked like him with an orange suit. They were in the midst of battle. The guy in the armored suit was extremely strong beating up the other guy. He soon was telling him that he is his younger brother and his name is actually Kakarot. Kakarot tells him his name is Goku and he doesn’t remember his past.

As you may know especially from the pictures, it was Dragon Ball Z!

I loved the whole feel of the show, the martial arts and the power. Then the storyline was awesome. What really pulled me in was when that episode ended it was a cliffhanger. So you know with Animes with cliffhangers you have to watch the next episode to know what happens. And that is exactly what I did for the next 283 or so episodes of Dragon Ball, Hahahah

Please, tell me your story of how you got into anime????


  1. When I was very young I used to watch Naruto but years later the memory of it kinda faded until one of my friends asked me to watch anime. She told me all about the different animes and insisted that I watch Naruto for sure. And out of all the animes that I have watched till now, Naruto continues to be my favourite one !

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  2. I first saw anime on adult swim when watching bleach, but I never realized it was actually anime. So my first time consciously watching anime was when I found a flipnote video on the 3ds and I looked up the song that was in the background and the first result was a host club AMV. I eventually figured out the anime was called host club by randomly stumbling across a Host Club dress up game on girls go games and then my love for anime began.


  3. Yup, mine journey is basically the same as yours. I just happened across DBZ on TV one day and was mesmerized. Finding Sailor Moon around the same time cemented my love. Bear in mind I didn’t even really know what anime was at this time.

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