Itachi’s Story- light and Darkness is based off the 2 part novel series The Itachi Shinden: Kōmyō-hen and Itachi Shinden: Anya-hen. The story is an arc for Naruto Shippuden. The Genius is the second Episode of Itachi’s story.

The Episode opens with Tobi summoning Kurama the Nine Tailed Fox in Konoha. Itachi is outside his home holding Sasuke and being a nurturing older brother. (Aww) The village begins to rumble and out appears Kurama. Itachi heads to the evacuation shelter and along the way helps his friend Izumi to safety as well.

The Nine Tailed Fox is sealed by the 4th Hokage, Naruto’s dad. You do not see this but Naruto fans already know. They show baby Naruto after The Nine Tailed Fox is sealed into him.

After this devastating event, the leaders of Konoha and the Uchiha clan put the blame on each other for the Nine Tailed Fox being released. The Uchiha clan are moved to a smaller part of the village to be watched.

Towards the middle of the episode Itachi is enrolled in the academy to work on his skills to become a shinobi one day. From the beginning Itachi excels at everything that is presented to him. He always topped his class in academic scores and learning special skills. After classes he asks his father everyday to teach him Jutsu. He tells his father that the jutsu in the academy are too easy. Itachi shows passion and dedication.

While attending the academy, Kamano a fellow classmate becomes jealous of Itachi’s advanced skills and of the girls fan girling (That would be me) over him. Kamano and Itachi have a match and Itachi takes him down real easily. One day Kamano and his friends decide to confront Itachi but instead runs into an older school kid. The older school kid runs after them to beat them up, but he runs into Itachi while Kamano and his friends hide behind Itachi. The bully tries to hit Itachi and with no effort at all Itachi takes him down. After this incident Kamano and the rest of his gang all praise Itachi. They realize how strong he really is and becomes his friend.

Later in the episode Itachi is in the woods with Shisui practicing his skills. Shisui is teaching him some new tricks as well. You also see Itachi hanging with Kamano and the others in the academy’s yard. While hanging in the yard, the bully approaches with his gang and Itachi and his friends all break out in fight. The bully is able to land a Punch to Itachi’s face. You soon find out that this Itachi was a shadow clone a forbidden Jutsu that is mastered by a young kid. The teachers see this and are surprised.

Later, the teachers and leaders of the academy are in a meeting discussing Itachi’s advanced skills. They decide to let Itachi graduate after only one year of attending the academy.


Last scene Itachi is in class waiting to be part of a team wearing his head band as a shinobi. 😀😀😀😀😀
This was such an amazing episode to watch. You see some familiar faces like Tobi, Kamano and Shisui. The story is told so well. It doesn’t skip a beat of letting the audience know what kind of person Itachi was. Which is a supportive, intelligent, dedicated and passionate kid. The episode kinds of hint at Itachi wanting to change the world when speaking with Shisui. I am excited to see the next episode. I hope they continue on this path of sticking to the story.


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