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Anime: Food Wars (Shokugeki no Souma) Genre: Ecchi, Comedy, Shounen, School Rating: 8.5/10

Food Wars (Shokugeki no Soma) was a series that I didn’t want to watch at first. My cousin kept saying watch it. Finally I did and omg, Loved it!!

Food wars follows a boy named Sōma Yukihira who grew up in his father, Jōichiro Yukihira’s restaurant. His father taught him all about cooking and they would compete against each other in cooking battles. Every time Sōma would lose. Hahah One day Sōma’s father receives a job to cook abroad and around the world. So he closes shop and then enrolls Sōma in to an elite culinary school where only 10% of students manage to graduate. Here at this school Sōma meets many student who are all skilled at cooking. Many of them each specializing in something specific for cooking such a meat, curry, Italian cuisine and etc. While in the school the kids are faced with many cooking challenges and battles as well. You witness Sōma developing as a chef and reaching his goal of becoming better than his father one day.
The thing I liked about this anime is the action with food. The battles between the chefs were top notch. The food looked so amazing. They stated the ingredients they used so I swear I can cook now. Lol

The characters were hilarious and very different. I loved Sōma because he is a hero you want to root for. You are always looking forward to the next thing he is going to cook. You are also hoping he wins every time.

Season 2 is part of the summer lineup. It’s called Food Wars : Shokugeki no Sōma The second plate. I am super stoked because I want to continue on this journey with Sōma of him becoming the top chef ever.

Check out the trailer below.



Yes, we watch anime. Yes, we love anime. But there are some anime series that you can watch again and again and never get tired of it. Some may have one or two. Some may have 15 to 20. Haha Well I have 5 that I can watch over and over again and never get tired of them.



Anime: Death Note Genre: Supernatural, Mystery, Psychological, Thriller Rating: 9.5/10


Death Note is about a boy named Light Yagami an intelligent regular high school teen who finds a notebook called the Death Note. It was dropped by Shinigami Ryuk who was bored in his world. The book gives the owner power to kill anyone by writing their name in the book.
This series follows Light in creating his perfect world by getting rid of all evil criminals. As the criminals begin to die frequently the authorities decides to call the Legendary detective L to try and catch the killer. Then the game begins between Light and L!


The reason I love this series and can watch it so many times is because of the rivalry between Light and L. The strategic way they try to outwit each other.
I like the psychological way they approach Light. I feel like many humans would do the same thing if they owned the death note. Power will get to everyone’s head.
Let’s not forget my favorite anime character L and his unique style. The way he sits to the way he answers his phone. His love for sweets. Yet, he knew how to narrow down his suspicion on Light out of everyone in Tokyo. The storyline was just amazing.



Anime: Deadman Wonderland Genre: Action, Sci-fi, Horror Rating: 9/10


Ganta Igarashi was a normal high school boy, until one day at school a mysterious red man flies into his classes window and kills all his classmates. Then the red man plants a red diamond into Ganta’s chest. Ganta is convicted in the death of his classmates after he is framed. He is sent to Deadman Wonderland a privately owned prison that serves as an amusement park where the inmates are the show.
While at Deadman Wonderland, Ganta is faced with many brutal inmates. He meets a cheerful prisoner named Shiro who becomes his friend.
Ganta soon finds out that the red diamond planted in him gives him power which is called Branch Of Sin. The Branch of Sin allows you to fight using your blood.
Ganta and Shiro soon end up in G ward where there are other Deadmen with the Branch of Sin.
In G ward the inmates are put in a battle where they are set to fight other Deadmen to the death.


I can literally say I’ve watched this anime over 15 times. I do not get tired of it. I love Ganta’s dedication and passion to get revenge and to save his friends no matter what. I love Shiro’s naive and happy ways. The battles between the deadman are so intense. Every character is unique in their own way. I love gore and action. It has everything I need.



Anime: Samurai Champloo Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Samurai, Shounen Rating: 8.5/10


The series follows Mugen a hot headed, brutal fighting warrior whose fighting style is inspired by break dancing, Jin a classic and yet traditional style samurai who is very skilled in fighting and Fuu a ditsy and naive teahouse waitress on their journey to find the Samurai who smells of sunflowers.
Their journey is faced with many interesting and crazy characters. So many fights and adventure from Fuu getting kidnapped many times. Mugen looking for trouble and finding a reason to fight. Then Jin being challenged by many because he killed his master.


I do not know why every time Toonami plays this series I always watch it. I know what is going to happen but I can’t help it. I love Mugen because he is such a brute. I love trouble makers. I like that all the Yakuza they run into always tried to be tough and challenge them, but Mugen and Jin knew how to get rid of them. Their journey was just so funny and interesting.
I also love the fact that they mixed modern bboy style with samurai. Very cool and original.



Anime: Another Genre: Mystery, Horror, Thriller Rating: 8/10


At Yomiyama North Middle School there was a student named Misaki in class 3-3 who was very popular but suddenly died in the middle of the school year in 1972. The student and teachers were devastated by this loss. They continued to act as though Misaki was still in the class.
In 1998 a boy Koichi Sakakibara transfers to this school and to the same class 3-3. He meets a girl named Mei Misaki who the other students ignore. everyone in the class act as though she is not there.
Koichi decides to break this and tries to become her friend. He continues to give her attention.
This doesn’t sit well with the other students. The class is soon caught up in strange occurrences in which a student or a family member dies in a mysterious way.


I am a sucker for horror, gore and mystery. This anime had all three. It was scary because you wasn’t sure if Mei was really alive. Was she a ghost? Then mysterious because you wanted to know why everyone ignored her and then what happened to everyone’s dying family members. The gore comes when they all are trapped in that building and they all start to kill each other. Such craziness. Hahaha



Anime: Tokyo Ghoul Seasons 1 and 2 Genre: Action, Drama, Supernatural, Mystery, Horror, Psychological Rating: 9.5/10


Tokyo is filled with many ghouls walking around looking just like humans. Only that they’re not,, they eat humans.
This series follows Kaneki who is an average college student who frequently goes to Anteiku Cafe. He notices a lady (Rize) there who he is very fond of that goes there often too. He decides to go on a date with her. Little does he know she is a ghoul. She attacks him, but she dies from a freak accident from the construction site.
The next thing you know Kaneki is in a hospital. The doctors use Rize’s organs and transplant them into Kaneki.
Kaneki is released from the hospital and later begins to realize his body is different. He soon finds out he has become a ghoul.
You start to witness his punishment of becoming a ghoul and adjusting to the ghoul life. He befriends some ghouls that work at the Anteiku cafe. We go through this series of watching Kaneki suffer and try to cope with the reality of him not being human anymore.


I know many people either love or hate this anime. But I love it! I like supernatural series. The darkness and gore of this anime is so exciting to watch. I love the journey we go through with Kaneki. His suffering and coping with the reality that he is a ghoul. I love the characters especially Juuzou who is one of my favs. There are so many characters from here that are so awesome from UTA, renji, Touka, Hiromi, Eto and so many more. The fighting scenes are intense and I like the ghoul’s Kagune.
So those are my anime I can watch as many times as I can.

Which anime can you watch over and over again and never get tired of?

Boku Dake ga Inai Machi (Erased) – Episode 11 – FUTURE Anime Review



The episode opens with Yashiro narrating a story of his past. When he was in sixth grade he received some hamsters from a fellow classmate who couldn’t take care of them anymore. He drowns the hamsters at home but one survived and used the lifeless hamsters to stay above water. Yashiro names the surviving hamster Spice. This reminds him of another story The Spider’s Thread where a sinner named Kandata is in Hell. Shakyamuni decides to do a good deed and give him an opportunity to go to heaven. Shakyamuni lowers down his spider thread and Kandata climbs the thread while kicking the other sinners back to Hell. Then the thread is cut. The conclusion of the story is Satoru is Spice for Yashiro and he must cut his thread.

Satoru’s mother Sachiko is wondering around aimlessly, traveling, doing daily chores but something seems faint, and strange about her personality. We soon see adult Satoru lying down in a deep sleep because he has been in a coma for 15 years.

Satoru wakes up from his coma after 15 years. You hear the 11 year old Satoru’s voice narrating compared to earlier episodes of 29 year old Satoru narrating. The doctor explains to Satoru that his mother attended to him everyday. She helped his muscles and joints to continue moving. The doctor asks Satoru if he remembered the last thing that happened to him. He tries hard to remember but all you see are his flashbacks of everything looking real blurry.

While at the hospital he is visited by adult Kenya and Hiromi. He senses Kenya wants to ask him something important but he believes his Mother told Kenya not to say anything. They enjoy their time chatting and then the guys leave.

Satoru begins to attend rehab to help him walk again. It is very difficult for him at first. You witness him falling and struggling. While he is attending rehab you see a little girl named Kumi in the room watching. Hinazuki visits Satoru after his rehab class. She has her baby with her and she is now married to Hiromi. She speaks with Satoru for a bit, then goes into a serious moment to tell him she felt guilty that her and her family were happy while he was in a coma. Especially, since he was the one that helped her in the past. You see Satoru trying to remember what he did that helped her.

Later, Satoru asks the doctor when can he walk again. The doctor says it is up to him. Satoru decides he wants to do rehab twice as much. He is determined to walk. The doctor leaves the room for a second and is on his phone. He is speaking with the director about Satoru. He mentions his memories could come back any time. The person on the other line says something that has the doctor say my patient is not a mouse. You wonder who he must be speaking with.

You see Satoru back at rehab but this time he is pushing harder and walking better. The rehab doctors are surprised with his fast recovery. After, Satoru is in the garden of the hospital speaking with Kumi that was watching him throughout his rehab. He is talking to her about her surgery she has coming up. He encourages her to be courageous. There is paparazzi taking pictures of Satoru in the garden with Kumi. Then an unidentified man comes over, he breaks their cameras and tells them to leave. This man then approaches Satoru. He takes off his hat and you find out that it’s Yashiro, Satoru’s 5th grade home room teacher. The same guy who is the cause for Satoru’s coma. The man who was the original killer of all the kids that Satoru saved. Yashiro asks Satoru if he remembers him and he doesn’t.

They are back inside of Satoru’s hospital room. Yashiro is telling him about how he changed his name. He now goes by Manabu Nishizono. He married into a family that adopted him as their son-in-law. His father-in-law was the head of council. When his father-in-law passed he took his inheritance. As Satoru and Yashiro speak everything seems so innocent and friendly as if Yashiro is there as a real friend. Yashiro goes on to mention that he met Kumi at a charity event not too long ago. He then not too long after found out that Satoru regained consciences. He said he was anticipating this for 15 years (we all know why). After this convo, Satoru is back to his daily routines at the hospital, doing his rehab, hanging with Kumi and being visited by Kenya.

The day of Kumi’s surgery Satoru heads to her room, but is stopped because Yashiro just came from it. He tells Satoru she is sleeping and asks Satoru if they can speak in a quiet place away from the media. He starts to push Satoru’s wheelchair to an elevator that is somewhere hidden. Yashiro is wearing gloves which seems really suspicious. While they are in the elevator, Satoru’s head is down. You do not see his face. Yashiro is tapping on Satoru’s wheel chair like he did when they were in the car when Satoru was younger. He takes Satoru to the roof of the building. Yashiro is looking very suspicious and says the rooftop is a better place to talk. Satoru has been quiet this whole time. Next thing you see is Satoru scream YASHIRO, MY MEMORIES BACK! Then I died!


This episode was kind of sad and so thrilling. I felt so bad for Sachiko because her son was in a coma, no matter what she still stayed by his side and took care of him. Then when Satoru wakes up he doesn’t remember anything, I wanted to jump in the screen and tell him everything. I wanted to say you are a hero. The killer is Yashiro and he is the reason for your coma. Ugh so much I wanted to say. I loved that his childhood friends came to visit him. Last, the suspense with Yashiro, knowing he is the reason for all these problems and he is acting like a so called friend. OMG I wanted to jump at him. Now, I cannot wait for the next episode. What will happen next? God my stomach hahah



Sword Art Online The Movie: Ordinal Scale was announced it will premiere in 2017.

I hope the movie will be good. You know how these companies want to make money so they rush to the next project.

Let’s not talk about season 2 Gun Gale Online. It had so much potential to do better.

See the movie trailer below. Enjoy!!!



Itachi’s Story- light and Darkness is based off the 2 part novel series The Itachi Shinden: Kōmyō-hen and Itachi Shinden: Anya-hen. The story is an arc for Naruto Shippuden. The Genius is the second Episode of Itachi’s story.

The Episode opens with Tobi summoning Kurama the Nine Tailed Fox in Konoha. Itachi is outside his home holding Sasuke and being a nurturing older brother. (Aww) The village begins to rumble and out appears Kurama. Itachi heads to the evacuation shelter and along the way helps his friend Izumi to safety as well.

The Nine Tailed Fox is sealed by the 4th Hokage, Naruto’s dad. You do not see this but Naruto fans already know. They show baby Naruto after The Nine Tailed Fox is sealed into him.

After this devastating event, the leaders of Konoha and the Uchiha clan put the blame on each other for the Nine Tailed Fox being released. The Uchiha clan are moved to a smaller part of the village to be watched.

Towards the middle of the episode Itachi is enrolled in the academy to work on his skills to become a shinobi one day. From the beginning Itachi excels at everything that is presented to him. He always topped his class in academic scores and learning special skills. After classes he asks his father everyday to teach him Jutsu. He tells his father that the jutsu in the academy are too easy. Itachi shows passion and dedication.

While attending the academy, Kamano a fellow classmate becomes jealous of Itachi’s advanced skills and of the girls fan girling (That would be me) over him. Kamano and Itachi have a match and Itachi takes him down real easily. One day Kamano and his friends decide to confront Itachi but instead runs into an older school kid. The older school kid runs after them to beat them up, but he runs into Itachi while Kamano and his friends hide behind Itachi. The bully tries to hit Itachi and with no effort at all Itachi takes him down. After this incident Kamano and the rest of his gang all praise Itachi. They realize how strong he really is and becomes his friend.

Later in the episode Itachi is in the woods with Shisui practicing his skills. Shisui is teaching him some new tricks as well. You also see Itachi hanging with Kamano and the others in the academy’s yard. While hanging in the yard, the bully approaches with his gang and Itachi and his friends all break out in fight. The bully is able to land a Punch to Itachi’s face. You soon find out that this Itachi was a shadow clone a forbidden Jutsu that is mastered by a young kid. The teachers see this and are surprised.

Later, the teachers and leaders of the academy are in a meeting discussing Itachi’s advanced skills. They decide to let Itachi graduate after only one year of attending the academy.


Last scene Itachi is in class waiting to be part of a team wearing his head band as a shinobi. 😀😀😀😀😀
This was such an amazing episode to watch. You see some familiar faces like Tobi, Kamano and Shisui. The story is told so well. It doesn’t skip a beat of letting the audience know what kind of person Itachi was. Which is a supportive, intelligent, dedicated and passionate kid. The episode kinds of hint at Itachi wanting to change the world when speaking with Shisui. I am excited to see the next episode. I hope they continue on this path of sticking to the story.



Where will a story be without a villain? I actually root for them more than the hero. A hero can’t be a hero without a villain. I love characters with evil, sadistic, and non remorseful personalities. They never let you down. What more can you ask from them.?
If I had the opportunity to be a hero or villain, best believe I will be the villain. I do not have to apologize for being me. I don’t have to worry about anyone relying on me and I let them down. Or having people turn their backs on me.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some villains that I just do not like because they are way too sadistic to a point where it is beyond crazy (e.g Father – Fullmetal alchemist)

Below are my top 10 villains. No specific order.

Light Yagami – Death Note

Light Yagami was an extremely smart regular high school teen. One day he finds a note book called the Death Note which was dropped by Shinigami Ryuk. The book gives the owner power to kill someone by writing their name in the book.
What I really like about Light is, at first it was used for good. Get rid of all the really bad criminals. But the power got to his head and he started killing anyone who got in his way. I feel like many humans would react the same way. Once you have power it’s gets to your head. I know I would act the same way. The one thing I did not like was when Light kills L. He was my favorite character.
When Light died too best believe I was crying my eyes out.

Esdeath – Akame Ga Kill

The Ice Queen Esdeath is probably my favorite female villain. She is the strongest and highest ranking General in the empire. The leader of the Jaegers which was an elite team of killers. She will kill anyone who gets in her way. Doesn’t matter if you are innocent or not. She is sexy and sadistic. She had a little heart for her obsession of Tatsumi. That was the only time you really got to see her soft side. But when she wanted something for her self she would take down anyone who gets in her way.
I was deeply upset when she was killed by Akame.

Vegeta – Dragon Ball

Vegeta the Saiyan prince is my first favorite anime villain because Dragon Ball Z was my first anime. When he came to earth with Nappa and went head to head with Gohan, Piccolo, Goku and the rest, I was in awe. I know Vegeta isn’t really bad in the later series but I liked him better when he was bad. He had no mercy for Goku and the gang. He wanted to destroy earth. I loved it. I don’t mind the good Vegeta but I just like bad guys.

Medusa Gorgon- Soul Eater

I really don’t care much for witches. I’m more of a vampire type of person, but Medusa can change me into liking witches. She was so manipulative, devious and awesome. I liked how she was the nurse who really had ulterior motives. Her vector magic with the snakes was so cool. I love snakes and have one so I can relate to her even more.
I was rooting for her and Dr. stein to be together because they were a true match.
When they had that fight and I thought she was dead I was super upset. Not sure if I was the only who was happy she came back even though she took over Rachel’s body.
But either way she is one of my favorite villains.

Itachi Uchiha – Naruto Shippuden

Itachi! Sasuke’s older brother, killer of the Uchiha clan and member of the akatsuki. Is he a villain? In the beginning yes! Only because that is what the writers wanted you to think. But when he is killed you find out he had a plan that was no where near evil. He wanted to help his brother and the Uchiha clan. He was misunderstood. But I have to say he is one of my favorite villains because that is what the media puts out there. Poor Itachi 😭😭😭😭😭

Hidan – Naruto Shippuden

Hidan was definitely one of the most sadistic characters. He enjoyed torturing his enemies and he had no remorse at all. His ritual fighting style with the blood of his enemy he can have control of their bodies. He will stab himself in different areas and his opponent with be injured in that area. I loved his sarcasm and funny outburst with his cussing.
Another crazy thing about him was he could never die. No matter how hard the ninjas of the leaf village tried they just could not kill Hidan. Until Shikamaru came up with a strategic plan.
I wish Hidan could have been in the series much longer.

Sasori – Naruto Shippuden

Sasori the puppet master was such a cool character. He used to work with fake puppets but started using human puppets. Sasori was one of the most powerful Akatsuki. Throughout the beginning of the series you saw his human puppet Hiruko who worked with the Akatsuki. Then later in the series Sasori is revealed with his youthful good looks using Hiruko as a puppet the whole time. This red head puppet master had two fights that I loved in the series. The fight against his grandmother Chiyo and Sakura Haruno. Then his next fight against Sakura. You got to see is puppetry put into action. It was so cool to see him work with so many puppets at the same time.
I was extremely upset that Sakura of all people killed him.

Annie Leonhardt – Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin)

I have a hate love relationship with Annie. I loved the fact that she was quiet and to herself. She was a strong skilled fighter. I was all for Annie because I always like tough chicks. The moment she fought Eren and used her signature fighting move, I knew she was great. Then boom she is the female Titan. I was like Noooooo. Whyyyyyyy???? The secrets she held was astonishing. She did so much to ruin the squads. The worse was when she killed members of Levi’s Special Operations Squad especially Petra.
When her and Eren were fighting inside the walls as Titans she crystallized herself. Now we can’t get any answers out of her.
I do think she is misunderstood. Her father told her the world is her enemy. So she grew up with this mission to destroy humanity. But I still like her.

Lust – Fullmetal Alchemist

Lust is my favorite homunculus and one of the most dangerous. I loved her claws that can rip through her enemies. She played the cool, calm and sexy role but can kill anyone in an instant. I love the way she can manipulate anyone. You couldn’t kill her easily because of her regenerating abilities.
I was not happy when Mustang did finally kill her.
But can you blame her for being evil, her father created this monster.

Ulquiorra Cifer – Bleach

This Espada was such a mysterious character. Ulquiorra was my favorite Arrancar and possibly favorite Bleach Character. He only fought when he needed to. Or if anyone gets in his way. He would kill his enemies and even his comrades.
When he killed his enemies he would stab them with his bare hands in the same location as his hollow hole. He was just a cold and hollow person. No emotions at all.
This is why I loved this mysterious character.
I was so upset when Ichigo killed him.

So in conclusion, why dislike or kill the villains. We need evil to balance out the stories we are reading or watching. Lets start rooting for them.

Who are your favorite anime Villains?