ANIME RANT- Anime Characters I dislike!!!


I am sure that everyone has a character in an anime they just dislike. Reasons being they are annoying, a b***h, whimpy, they killed a character you liked a lot. Whatever the reason may be we all have one, two, three or more we dislike.

As you can see in my pictures those are my main characters I dislike a lot. Different reason for each one. (Please respect my opinion Hahahah)



I don’t know if it is just me, but she is just too depressing. She is very sweet and kind hearted, but she always worried about Ichigo way too much. He will be okay stop worrying. I hated when they cut away to her and she had this sad look on her face because she is too worried. Like smile more goodness ughhh
Then she is captured and now they have to save you. Learn to fight better.



Black Star is so annoying. I know a lot of fans love him but I just couldn’t get into his character. I loved Death the kid, Dr stein and Medusa. Black Star was always there to was up a situation. Maka can have a situation handled and here comes Black Star messing things up. He was super selfish. Sometimes he may have though of others but majority of the time it was all about him. Then he thought he was like the best fighter ever but then he lose the fight. Hahaha too much



Do I have to explain why I hate Seyru??? I mean this crazy girl killed Sheele. Whyyyyy 😭😭😭😭 Then she kept trying to kill everyone in the night raid. They are the good guys. They were fighting for real justice. Seyru’s justice was all wrong but she didn’t realize it. But back to Sheele, she was the quirky, ditsy and the most loving character. We barely got to know Sheele. It’s like we met her and then She was taken from us in a split second. 😭😭😭😭
The thing about Seyru she was so nice as a regular person, but then she becomes crazy with her fighting dog Koro. She was demented and twisted. She loved to kill to an extent that was scary.



I found out many people do not like Sakura as well. I just feel like she is a worthless character to have in Naruto. Sasuke and Naruto always had to save her. She was a fast learner and better at using her Chakra. But what is the purpose if you never or barely fight. All she ever did was sit on the side and cry. Then when you think she is about to fight, NOPE, she doesn’t.
What also makes me mad she can knock the guys out when they say something bad about her. But come to the battlefield that strength she has is not put into use.
The only fight I was actually rooting for her is when she fought Sasori. But he was like my favorite character though hahah.
Positive words for her she was pretty and was great for healing her teammates.
So this is my Anime Rant! These are my reasons for disliking these characters.

Which anime character do you dislike and why?

17 thoughts on “ANIME RANT- Anime Characters I dislike!!!

  1. I’ve only read the manga for most of these (and I dropped Bleach a long time ago), but I won’t say I hate these characters. I would say I dislike Black Star and Seryu, but I never read enough of Bleach to grasp Orihime’s character and (!) Sakura is actually my favorite character next to Hinata. Let’s not talk about those last two.
    Black Star rubbed the wrong way from the start with all of his showy uselessness, that is true, but I was able to accept him in the end. He really grew as a character and became more than just words.
    Seryu…as mentioned in a comment above, I don’t like her either. I don’t hate her, there are worse people than her everywhere. Her justice is twisted, but she has reasons. I feel the manga did it well. Akame Ga Kill just loves characters who hold onto life for only one reason, so I think she’s plausible.

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  2. Suzaku Kururugi of Code Grass is probably my most hated character of all time. Not only does he betray his country to the enemy constantly, but he takes an attitude of moral superiority in regard to his treason. I find him insufferable. Next to the word quisling in the dictionary, you find a picture of him.

    And yes, Seryu is horrible. Apparently, her mother forgot to tell her that justice without mercy is simply cruelty. The anime’s attempts to humanize her failed completely.

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    1. I’ve only read the manga, and I feel like the manga did a good job of showing each side of the story. I dislike Seryu because of her psychopathic tendencies, but I at least understand where she comes from (although she DOES take it to the extreme).

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  3. My disliked anime characters are so numerous that if I listed them down, and gave my reasons for disliking them, my word count would be 25, 000 words. Right off the bat, I figure it would be Inuyasha, Kou of Ao Haru Ride, main guy on Itazura na Kiss, Kirito of Sword Art Online.


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