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The manga Twin Star Exorcists is in the works of becoming an anime. I’m super excited because I am currently reading this manga.

The story is about a 14 year old boy Rokuro who has many dreams, but one of them is not becoming an exorcist. He grew up in a house with many exorcists including his best friend Ryogo. They all believe he can be a great exorcist one day, but Rokuro just does not have that goal in life.

One day while he is out he runs into a mysterious girl the same age as him named Benio. He soon finds out that she is an exorcist when they transport into Magano which is a realm of Kegare (evil spirit monsters).

One day Rokuro’s best from Ryogo is kidnapped by a Kegare and brought into Magano. Rokuro asks Benio for her help to get him back. Here is a situation where Rokuro has to use his exorcist powers to help his best friend return. The pair of them work so well as a team and you witness the power they have together.

After their encounter, Rokuro and Benio both soon find out that they are The Twin Star Exorcists and are suited to marry. They are fated to have the prophesied child who will be the most powerful exorcist ever. Benio and Rokuro are both against this fate. Especially Rokuro because he has other goals in mind especially not to marry Benio or to become an exorcist.

As the Manga continues you start to learn about Rokuro’s past and the reason for him not wanting to be an exorcist. You also learn about Benio’s past and why she is so passionate about being one. The funniest part about this story is the relationship between Benio and Rokuro. The back and forth with the two of them is hilarious.

I will say I can’t wait for the anime series to come out. There is no exactly release date. As soon as I find out you will know about it.

I do recommend this manga for anyone who likes the shonen genre.


    1. I can see blue exorcist and Nisekoi. That makes since. The only diff between him and Rin is that Rin wanted to be an exorcist. Rokuro doesn’t. Lol but good ones to compare too. Also, Nisekoi I hate that anime so annoying hahahhahahaha

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      1. I can see why some may not like it. Personally, I prefer the manga version. There are moments where things get serious for Raku and the girls and it affects his decision on who is the one girl he likes.

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      2. He could but I think he is trying to sort out his decisions. He likes Kosaki but he also likes Chitoge. Nit to mention, he is trying to find the one girl made a promise to him.

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      3. I know that Kosaki’s sister Haru has some feelings for Raku nut she also wants Kosaki to be with Raku. The series can be frustrating at times >_<


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