I have read many discussions, forums and comments as to which Japanese media outlet do you prefer? Anime which is Japanese animation or Managa which is the Japanese comics.

I find this to be a difficult question. Many will say anime because they like to watch the action come to life, the artistic drawing of the characters, the voices whether dubbed or in Japanese, or just because they like to watch TV (or a specific electronic device).

Others will say Manga because the story will be longer and more detailed. The character development is much better instead of being a little watered down for anime. Other factors are the artistic drawing, the voices the reader creates themselves for the characters, or just because they like to read.

Many like myself will say both. There are those who like to read the manga first and then watch the anime to see how it is executed. Then others like myself like to watch the anime and then read the manga to get more information on the story. Or because your favorite anime is not getting another season so you have to find out what happens next. (Sad face)

Sometimes the anime,to some, may not have as much details, plot twists, cliffhangers or character development at the manga. Some anime are better left as a manga. Then you have some anime that are spot on.

Here are some examples of anime I find to be just as good as the manga, Attack on Titian, Tokyo Ghoul, Noragami and my fav Deadman Wonderland. Then you have the ones I feel the anime just did not do the manga any justice, Pandora Hearts and No 6. I say read the manga, trust me it is way better.

Whether you like anime or manga, we all can agree that they both are interesting, entertaining and very addictive haha.

Which do you prefer?

13 thoughts on “ANIME VS MANGA

  1. Nice post, though I can’t believe I’ve finally found a person who puts Tokyo Ghoul manga on par with the anime. Pardon my French, the anime is a fucking disaster and shouldn’t be given to studio pierrot in the first place. Manga is more than a hundred times better, be it character development, fights or even pacing. Not to mention the events. Went on a little rant, but yeah.

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    1. I understand where you are coming from. I feel that the anime brought the scenes and action to life, I totally understand the characte development wasn’t completely there. Like hide doesn’t die in the manga as the anime portrays it. But I do congratulate the anime for being the action to life. I guess it’s complicated. Lol

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  2. For me personally, I have always been an anime fanboy! I had started out watching anime two years ago, and I didn’t even know that manga existed until recently! Buying manga volumes or accessing them is just too expensive for me, and I generally tend to stay with the cheeper option.

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